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Friday, August 17, 2018

Who's the Pope's Fashion Designer?

Check out these fashions for the World Meeting of Families in Dublin. Wow! Who's the Pope's fashion designer?

Must be Bend and Hook!

But what can I say?

With the homosexual crisis in the Church, what bird-brain planned these gay/pagan looking vestments. And what exactly is the logo in the middle -- a modernist version of the Celtic knot? I couldn't find a Celtic symbol that really looked like that. What they remind me of are snakes. Maybe they symbolize the fact that the snakes have returned to Ireland.

As for the pink deacon's dalmatic on the right -- It's for the feast of the martyr, St. Bartholomew. Pink is apparently the new red. Instead of red-blooded martyrs, martyrs now bleed pink. Maybe that's a message about the poor pink-blooded homosexuals who are being so excoriated by mean faithful Catholics who have had it with the abuse of children.

Well, let's face it. A group of prelates who choose to invite Fr. James Martin, S.J. to address the World Meeting are sending a pretty clear message about who they are. No normal man would choose these vestments. They could only have outdone themselves by featuring the rainbow flag.

The cream-colored chasuble is for Our Lady. Really? Here's what a real Marian vestment looks like.

Watch for more rough roads ahead with the outcome of the meeting! Orthodoxy is NOT on the agenda.


Pat G said...

The swirl on the vestments reminds me of the yin-yang symbol.

Kathleen1031 said...

There is nothing Celtic nor Christian about these vestments. These sodomite destroyers hate Catholicism, it should be obvious to all by now. Anyone who attends this pagan-sodomy-fest under the age of 80 and rah rahs it is just a poor excuse for a Catholic. Those swirly designs are definitely modeled after eastern religions yin/yang.
You know, they are really enjoying all this.

TLM said...

Several have suggested these are actually occult symbols. Who knows what the heck they thing I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt.....they are NOT CATHOLIC SYMBOLS.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Couldn't agree more, Kathleen. Sean O'Malley isn't going. I thought that was interesting. Maybe it's time to call off the debacle and don sackcloth and ashes instead of the pansy "vestments."

roseofsharon said...

Diabolical disorientation on display

JMJT said...

Wouldn't it be nice, but unlikely, that these weird vestments turn out to be the worst thing that happens
during the World Meeting of Families in Dublin!

Susan said...

Some on Twitter have suggested the whirly in the center is actually 666. Appropriate for this bunch.

avila said...

Fr. Z has an explanation for the swirly design:

Jane Galt said...

The only thing that enters my mind when I look at those vestments, especially the one on the right, is gay, gay, gay.

kristjen said...

Apparently it's supposed to be the triple Celtic spiral however it is more like the ying yang symbol, I suppose that's what you get when you get a non Irish company to design your vestments.