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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

This is Sooooo Sad: What Gay Enabler Cardinal Cupich Did to Fr. Phillips

The persecution of good priests by the like of McCarrick and cronies is well established. My good friend Fr. James Haley was booted from the Arlington diocese for bringing proof of the homosexual depravity of priests in our diocese to former bishop Paul Loverde. Charges were drummed up against him and after being threatened by the bishop who told him, "You have no idea what I can do to you," was summarily dismissed and forcibly laicized and excommunicated. (At least that's what he was told. I don't think he ever received anything official which makes me wonder what his status really is.)

At any rate, I was on Mahound's blog this morning and it made me want to cry. Fr. Phillips has now been crucified by gay enabler Blase Cupich of Chicago.

Cupich is an expert at mixing the truth, that we should respect all people, with the lie that respecting them necessitates coddling their sins and using their gay-accepting language. (See here, here, and here.) Cupich is a wolf and doesn't even bother with sheep's clothing. He clothes himself instead in the rainbow flag.

Fr. Phillips was accused of inappropriate relationships with adult men which he continues to deny. The team investigating found no evidence of anything illegal either by secular or canon law.

Sooooo of what, exactly, was he guilty?

Nevertheless, Cupich gave him the hobnailed boot treatment, removed him from the home of the religious order he founded, and sent him to la-la land in St. Louis. Check out the story and especially the photos, two of which I've posted here.

Please pray for Fr. Phillips and for the congregation who had their father taken from them by a man whose actions indicate that he may very well be the one guilty of all the charges against Fr. Phillips. Dissent (whether public or masked with a strange orthodoxy) goes hand in hand with homosexuality. And Cardinal Cupich has shown himself to be a major enabler of homosexuality.

One more thing. If your priest is a showman, that's a bad sign too. Homosexuals are usually flaming narcissists who love to be center stage with happy-clappy crowds worshiping at their feet. They are often charming and and friendly, overly friendly in fact, especially to families with young boys. Be smart and beware!



M. Prodigal said...

Yes, sodomites are often narcissistic. The "gay" priest I had as a pastor (before I left that parish and then moved out of town and out of the bad diocese) loved adulation. Oh, Father's jokes are SO funny, people would say. He and his boyfriend liked the best of things and good vacations like champagne helicopter rides over Vegas and time on the beaches in Hawaii, etc. Father fired half the staff that did not approve of his "friend" moving in with him so he placed him across the street instead. That "friend" went on to seminary in Mexico!!! There is no preaching of the Gospel from a sodomite really. That one I knew hated confession and had a retired priest come in for that 45 minutes on Saturday and he would refuse to hear one if someone requested it. Bad bad new.

roseofsharon said...

A priest may not refuse to hear one's confession no matter how inconvenient it may be.
Servant of GOD John Hardon SJ once told us, "I was ordained to be bothered." O, that all priests would
believe that.
Your former pastor doesn't know what awaits him. He needs lots of prayers.

M.T. said...

Will Blase Cupich follow T. McCarrick's fate? I hope and pray it may be so.