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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Vermont Has Been Crazy for Years! Let's See if They Raise the Bar by Electing a Man Masquerading as a Woman.

Close your eyes as you listen to this man wearing a dress speak. Is that a woman's voice? Does he LOOK LIKE A WOMAN? We live in a culture gone nuts. I wonder what pronoun people are supposed to use for this...person? How about "ut" for "ugly thing."

It is indeed ugly to see someone reject his God-given nature to live what can only be called an unnatural lie. That so many people are willing to go along with it shows just how demonic the culture has become. Like the foolish people in The Emperor's New Clothes, they happily cheer for insanity and refuse to believe their own eyes and ears. This person can call himself "Christine" all day. It won't change his DNA!


M. Prodigal said...

There is a homosexual running for governor in Colorado...has a "husband" and they have adopted one or two kids as well. Have you ever known one of these sorts in a time of crisis? Not what you want. And those who define themselves by a perversion....well, not the best of things shall we say.

Aqua said...

Demons hate God and those He made in His image.

Our degradation is their pleasure. To the extent we leave the side of God will determine our attachment to the logic of a demon: degradation, violence and insanity is their modus.

It makes no sense to us. It makes perfect sense to them. These two kingdoms cannot co-exist. Heaven and hell receive and keep their own.

Kathleen1031 said...

I feel a lot of empathy for people this confused, it can't be easy. That being said, the last thing we need is to put transgenders in office. Now if people could actually hold office and not bring their own personal baggage and activism with them, we could talk about that and probably make a reasonable case to keep an open mind, but this is not reality. We know positively this person is going into office to make more strides for "the cause" and money would be diverted into "the cause" and about that there can be no doubt. Christians will be pummeled under this regime. Only imbeciles or those who live for "the cause" would vote for this person. Or the many who would rather die than be called "bigot".

I worry just as much we have many Muslims running for office in America this year. Having learned that politics is power, they want more Muslims and to bring Sharia, and if we let them in, we can expect to see our beautiful nation turn into Ameristan, just as Europe is being transformed before our eyes into a tribal sub-Saharan African third world. Can Americans be this stupid and naïve...

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

"Can American be this stupid and naive..."

Unfortunately yes. The brainwashing in the schools has been going on long enough to turn a generation into ignorant idiots who are almost immune to reason. How fixable is the situation? I'm not sure these folks are teachable any more. We need to aim at the next generation. Encourage home schooling and teach Western Civilization. John Senior had a terrific impact doing that at K.U. He and his associates touched the hearts of thousands of students and hundreds converted to the Catholic faith based on a humanities program that never worked toward conversion. His life was the example of the true, the good, and the beautiful that touched so many hearts. God bless him! May we all imitate his example.