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Friday, August 17, 2018

Oh Goody! The USCCB Plans to Set Up a Committee to Solve the Crisis

Come one, come all to the USCCB circus where we will see the bishops' conference assure us that they are vigilantly acting to solve the abuse and cover up crisis that exploded with the McCarrick revelations! They will be discussing establishing a commission at their November meeting in Baltimore.

Get out the peanuts and popcorn for the show!

Keep in mind that the USCCB is the same body that has fleeced the flock for decades to support Alinsky community organizing groups that support liberal politics and politicians. (You know, the liberals who support killing babies in the womb, criminalizing the use of the wrong pronoun, putting Christians who won't bend the knee to the homo agenda in jail, etc.)

It's the same body that sacrifices the safety and welfare of Americans (and trashes them in the process) to keep the government money flowing into its open borders "charity" programs.

Oh yes, and this is the organization filled with liberal bureaucrats who support pro-abortion, pro sodomy Democrats. (Is that redundant?) I'm sure they care deeply about the "moral catastrophe." Just like they care so much about the murder of the unborn that they vigorously apply canon 915 to keep pro-abortion politicians from committing sacrilege by receiving the Body and Blood of Christ after they vote to shed the body and blood of the babies. Pardon me while I use my barf bag.

Do you have any confidence that the answer to the Church crisis is another committee put together by a corrupt bureaucracy that is a large part of the problem?

Sorry, I don't buy it!

First of all, the USCCB has very little authority. A bishop is the authority in his diocese, although Cardinal Wuerl tried to change that back in 2005 to muzzle the few courageous bishops in the brotherhood. But that's a topic for another post.

Anyway back to the status of a bishops' conference. According to the code of canon law:
Can. 455 §1. A conference of bishops can only issue general decrees in cases where universal law has prescribed it or a special mandate of the Apostolic See has established it either motu proprio or at the request of the conference itself. 
§2. The decrees mentioned in §1, in order to be enacted validly in a plenary meeting, must be passed by at least a two thirds vote of the prelates who belong to the conference and possess a deliberative vote. They do not obtain binding force unless they have been legitimately promulgated after having been reviewed by the Apostolic See
§3. The conference of bishops itself determines the manner of promulgation and the time when the decrees take effect
§4. In cases in which neither universal law nor a special mandate of the Apostolic See has granted the power mentioned in §1 to a conference of bishops, the competence of each diocesan bishop remains intact, nor is a conference or its president able to act in the name of all the bishops unless each and every bishop has given consent.
I'm not a canon lawyer, but that sounds pretty clear.

Read that last bit again: "nor is a conference or its president able to act in the name of all the bishops unless each and every bishop has given consent." UNLESS EACH AND EVERY BISHOP HAS GIVEN CONSENT!


Security at the bishops fortress in D.C.
is reportedly very tight! 
How often do you think that is violated? I go back once again to that disastrous homo-promoting USCCB doc, Always Our Children (1997) released in the name of all the bishops without their ever seeing it. The authorship of AOC is attributed to an out and proud homo activist priest, James Schexnayder (deceased) who spent his priestly career promoting LBGT immorality and trying to change Church teaching to accommodate it. How many other USCCB docs had similar origins with NO approval from the bishops and written by some committee of liberal bureaucrats.

All I can say about the USCCB is that I've seen their HUGE building on 4th Street in D.C. a block from the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception and pondered the waste of money to keep that monster afloat. But hey, how can we begrudge the funds to a bureaucracy that offers the bishops an opportunity to get together twice a year for confabs at high-priced fancy hotels like the Marriott Waterfront in Baltimore.

Just imagine what a good time McCarrick had getting together with all his buddies to swap stories. Maybe they swapped photos as well. If you read the section of the Grand Jury report on the Pittsburgh Diocese you read about the abuse of a teenager who was talked into taking off all his clothes to be like Jesus on the cross. Meanwhile all the pederasts in the room laughed and snapped pictures. In my own diocese Fr. Robert Brooks was caught up in a child porn sting in 2005. I wonder how many other priests in the diocese today have porn collections in the closet.

To sum it all up, the USCCB is not the answer to our problems. It's a major part of the problem. In fact, instead of closing parishes all over the place, the bishops would better serve the faithful by boarding up the USCCB offices and firing all the liberals who had Obama stickers on their cars during his era.

But don't hold your breath. Most of the bishops give every indication of being liberal democrats who are faithful to the Almighty -- the Almighty Dollar!

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rohrbachs said...

Benedict took pains to point out that the German bishops conference weakened the Church's response to Hitler as against what would have been much stronger statements from individual bishops.