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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Believe the victim? No thanks. I'll believe the evidence.

I hope Brett Kavanaugh sues Christine Blasey Ford for every last penny she has.


  1. I truly admire your work in addressing the many problems in the Wheeling/Charleston Diocese. It is a yeoman job for the West Virginia Catholics.

    However, I think your choice of posting the video "Believe the Victim? No thanks? I'll believe the evidence." was most, most unfortunate. It seriously detracts from your great work. The video is far beneath the dignity I associate with your website. For one thing, it violates your own rules for comments since it is full of ad hominem attacks, half-truths, and outright lies....not to mention the obnoxious, arrogant attitude of the presenter and the poor quality of the video.

    The unfortunate posting of the video seriously lowers the high reputation of your website...not to mention lowering the unbias credibilty of your work to date.

  2. I disagree with JB. I like the video which was full of facts. So Les Femmes, carry on!

  3. Your criticism would be more credible if you backed up your accusations, JB. What “outright lies”? I didn’t hear any—or any “half truths”. I heard a few vulgarities I wouldn’t personally use, but lots of plain spoken truth.

  4. The four anys.
    Anybody can say anything about anybody at anytime. Its politics... and you are the victim.