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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Nabi Sayeth: Lust for Power and Prestige Pollute the Church!

In this post, Nabi gives practical suggestions for how the laity can respond to the abuse of power exercised by the bishops. Money control is one way. Remember the “feed the pig” commercials about saving? Well, it’s time to STOP “feeding the pig” being passed in the pew. Alinsky bucks were developed for the scandalous Catholic Campaigh for Human Development collection, but I recommend using them all year long for special collections. As for parish contributions, there are ways to give that bypass the diocesan tax. Ask your pastor how if you’re in a good parish. If you’re in a BAD parish, don’t contribute to ANY collection. There are other ways to fulfill your financial obligation to support the Church than by supporting the rectory renovation.

Nabi sayeth: Catholic people are people of tradition and with a rich history. And even though some are quick to point out the behavior of certain clearly bad actors (Usually members of the hierarchy!), when one examines the sum total of Catholicism, one sees so much goodness.

As Nabi pointed out recently, those in power positions succumb to a most important maxim: “Power corrupts; Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” The struggle with power because of the lust for it can be traced all the way back to the Holy Gospels. In Matthew 20: 20-28 the apostles James and John have their Mommie ask Jesus to give them places of prominence in His coming Kingdom. Why did Mommie have to do their work for them? They were ashamed of their request. After all, their Lord had just forecasted His Sacred Passion!

But the lust for power only began would go on in time. Look at what some of the great, humble saints had to say about the corrupt behavior of the hierarchy in their own day:

The road to hell is paved with the skulls of erring priests, with bishops as their signposts.”
St. John Chrysostom

“I do not think there are many among Bishops that will be saved, but many more that perish.”
St. John Chrysostom, Extract from St. John Chrysostom, Homily III on Acts 1:12.2

“The floor of hell is paved with the skulls of bishops.”
St. Athanasius, Council of Nicaea, AD 325

“The road to hell is paved with the skulls of bishops.”
Saint John Eudes

“It must be observed, however, that if the faith were endangered, a subject ought to rebuke his prelate even publicly.”
St. Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologica II, II, q. 33, a. 45

“Augustine says in his Rule: ‘Show mercy not only to yourselves, but also to him who, being in the higher position among you, is therefore in greater danger.’ But fraternal correction is a work of mercy. Therefore even prelates ought to be corrected.”
St. Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologica II, II, q. 33, a. 4, Sed Contra.

“It is better that scandals arise than the truth be suppressed.”
Pope St. Gregory the Great

“But, when necessity compels, not those only who are invested with power of rule are bound to safeguard the integrity of faith, but, as St. Thomas maintains: ‘Each one is under obligation to show forth his faith, either to instruct and encourage others of the faithful, or to repel the attacks of unbelievers.’”
Pope Leo XIII

Yes, the abuse of power has been a horrible problem for our beloved Mother Church. BUT, where there were abuses and corruption, THERE WERE GOOD PEOPLE WHO STOOD UP AGAINST THEM. 

A vivid example of this in our own time is the  counter balance between the lives of My Lords and Cardinals who live in castles and St. Mother Teresa who lived in the streets. Which of the two touches your heart and lifts up your faith?

The diocese of Wheeling-Charleston has been polluted with power hungry CLIMBERS. My Lords Fannie, Quirky, Cincy and their puppet Chancellor Chad lust for power and prestige. Now, they will be quick to tell you that they work “hard for the money.” My Lord Quirky is on every board and committee known to man. But why? They do not serve the will of Jesus nor the will and needs of His holy people.  My Lord Fannie imagines himself to be THE architect and strategic planner for the diocese. But much has been broken and destroyed under his management. FORMER Bishop Bransfield provided the perfect backdrop and support for their reindeer games. And what is the fruit of their reindeer games???

1. The public perception of the Church hierarchy has become one of corruption, favoritism, and politics, politics….not reverence and holiness.

2. Parish closings in tragic abundance and no true and holy attempt to build up the Church. There are no evangelizers in the chancery just power hungry business managers.

3. So many Catholic schools have been closed. The demise of the former Cathedral grade school was hastened to make way for the new 14 million dollar chancery building with its pure gold Stations of the Cross (Do you think our Blessed Lord wore bling of gold around His neck and on His fingers as He ascended Calvary?)

4. People were led to believe that to be considered a loyal WV Catholic, you had to dig deep EACH YEAR to support the Annual Bishops Catholic Sharing Appeal. Clergymen were forced to sign their name to form solicitation letters which gave the impression to the reader that the parish priest was in support of the appeal.

5. Millions of dollars were spent to resurrect the declining Wheeling Jesuit University. Why is the school struggling? Just up the river is Franciscan University of Steubenville which is filled with students and is recognized as one of the greatest Catholic schools in the US. Why is one flourishing and the other struggling?

6. Needless, expensive and unwanted Church renovations. The parishioners at Our Lady of Fatima in Huntington were given the impression that they could vote on the clergyman’s proposed My Lord Fannie-demanded renovation. They were terribly deceived by the clergyman. The “vote” that took place was as honest as a Mingo county election. The needless renovation went forward, people saw their beloved Church wrecked and MANY left the parish and/or the Catholic Church. Presently, My Lord Fannie’s  forced renovations are being pushed, pushed, pushed at St. John University parish in Morgantown and St. Michael parish in Wheeling. The clergymen want to rush, rush, rush the destructions thru….why? Why not take the “pause that refreshes” until the new bishop arrives and then sit and discuss the proposed renovations with him IN PRAYER AND DISCERNMENT.

7. Why was Popes Benedict and Francis’ statements about not permitting homosexual candidates in the seminaries NEVER posted on either the Diocesan website or in the Catholic Spirit? Hmmmmmm. Why is the Church’s teaching on LGBTQ issues and abortion hardly ever promoted by the diocese or preached at Holy Mass? HMMMMMM.

Nabi could go on and on and on but you get the point. The My Lords and their supportive FORMER bishop have had a field day over the last many years. Now it’s time for change, is it not? What can the seemingly powerless parishioners do? PLENTY:

1. REMEMBER from the outset: REAL power is RARELY ever given by those who hoard it; Power must be taken.

2. Withholding contributions is effective, even though the diocese has at least 500 million dollars in reserve. Now some weak-kneed among you will say, “Hey, we have to give support to our parish.” Really? If the pastor needs money for basic needs, APPEAL to the diocese and its RESERVE FUND. BEFORE YOU GIVE,  DEMAND FULL DISCLOSURE. You have a right to know the dioceses’ (that is, YOUR) holdings. You have a right to know how the My Lords spend your donations. One senior, faithful  woman disgusted with unwanted changes in her parish stopped putting money in her envelope, and instead, wrote a note and placed it inside which read: “No taxation without representation.” You have a right to know how much money has been paid out to abuse victims and how much has been spent on non-disclosure agreements (hush money). 

3. Get connected. The diocese covers the entire state of WV. The My Lords and bishops take advantage of a “divide and conquer” way of advancing their agenda. CATHOLICS MUST UNITE. CATHOLICS MUST COMMUNICATE WITH ONE ANOTHER. For instance, ideas about dealing with the needless renovations at St. John’s, Morgantown must be shared with people who are concerned about needless renovations at St. Michael’s in Wheeling. Catholic school parents throughout the diocese need to share ideas and information concerning tuition, education,  procedures, and the identity/background of priests assigned to their school. Remember, there are schools whose pastors have been involved with immoral sexual behavior. They have no place in YOUR school!

4. Pray. Our Catholic faith is NOT the problem. Our Catholic faith is a gift from Jesus passed down to us in history. The Lavender boys are faithless. They are actually functional atheist. How could one claim to have Catholic faith who either entertains fantasies of sodomizing boys/teens or who has done so? Furthermore, climbing, lusting for power, living opulent lifestyles run absolutely contrary to the life of the One Whom we all are called to imitate and Who said often, “Unless you become the last of all and the servant of all you cannot be a part of My Kingdom.” If the My Lords and bishops do not want to be a part of His way, His Kingdom, then whose way do they lust to be a part of????

Call the Diocesan hotline. Make the things about which you have suspicions or things you have seen/heard known. Use the media. Protest publicly. FORMER Bishop Bransfield’s greatest fear was negative press! Settle for nothing less than full disclosure of absolutely everything. Stay tuned….

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  1. There once was a Bishop of Rome
    Spiritually a Marxist Gnome
    But he admired himself
    This sinister elf
    And he daily soiled his throne