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Friday, September 28, 2018

Nabi Sayeth: If the Chancery Walls Could Talk, What a Story They Would Tell!

Nabi asketh: Where have all the Good Servants gone?

During FORMER Bishop Bransfield and his Lavender circle’s reign of opulence, numerous devoted, faithful and self-sacrificial people were “disappeared” from Diocesan positions. Why? Because they were devoted and faithful TO OUR LORD and generous in the amount of time they gave in service. But that wasn’t good enough for the crew.

1. A former Chancellor of the diocese was asked to sit with the newly appointed bishop so he might ascertain the Chancellor’s ability to participate in various and sundry of the new administration’s reindeer games. After giving an account of his work under the former administration, he closed by saying to the newly appointed bishop: “I may not always tell you what you want to hear but I will always tell you what you need to hear.” Not too long afterward, the good Chancellor received notice of termination from that position.

2. A former Superintendent of Catholic schools was perhaps the most energetic, hard-working, and creative leaders in the dioceses’ history. He was always on the road, monitoring the quality of the schools throughout the state. He made more progress in developing a fruitful relationship with his secular counterpart than any other Superintendent before him. Many said he was just, plain, exciting to be around. But he made a terminal mistake. He chose to make a personnel decision of which the FORMER bishop did not agree. He was not permitted to express his reasoning with his bishop because he was blocked by the Lavender gatekeeper. The result? After having received high marks on previous personal evaluations, he was informed that his scores had tanked. He was rather quickly condemned as a bad employee and his employment terminated. 

3. A priest who is both orthodox and devout is a personal hero of Nabi. He, with the help of God’s healing Grace, overcame a severe bout of throat cancer. He was removed from his parish because of his faithful preaching which was characterized by a FEW detractors as too focused against abortion and too conservative. He was placed in a holding tank of sorts where he said daily masses and covered for vacationing and sick priests wherever needed throughout the state. Several times complaint calls to the chancery were made about the content of his preaching and each time he was called into the chancery, chastised and then sent to another parish for relief work. In the secular world this is known as harassment, discrimination and a hostile work environment. Underneath it all is the fact that he is not part of the Lavender crew.

4. The cleaning staff at the bishop’s mansion had orders that if/when the FORMER bishop was to enter a room where they might be cleaning, they were to exit the room IMMEDIATELY. One woman did not do so quickly enough and she was terminated by the FORMER bishop IMMEDIATELY.

5. George Smoulder is a holy, married man and was a permanent deacon in the diocese. He was hired by bishop Hodges many years ago. He led and GREW the Diocesan effort on behalf of the poor. He is a most humble man who was highly respected by EVERYONE except, the FORMER Bishop Bransfield. Because George did not respond to an order involving a small job of little significance IMMEDIATELY, he was quickly terminated and with no due process. 

Adolf Hitler was a micromanager who intervened in the work of his “trusted” generals with no consultation, rhyme or reason….FORMER Bishop Brandsfield did the same with his employees/priests. Both men showed no mercy towards their victims. FORMER Bishop Bransfield was able to do so because he had the blind support of the Lavender crew and several lay chancery staff members. If the walls of the chancery building could talk...what a story they would tell….Stay tuned


  1. I believe the chancery walls are talking, and I say bravo to the one with the courage to speak.

    Number 3 is my hero, too. He feeds the flock truth, whether we like it or not. Not his truth, but ‘His’ truth. We desperately need him back on the alter.

  2. Let’s all commit to encouraging and praying for brave priests who preach the truth.

  3. There are lots of walls that should be talking. There is a pastoral center in the Capitol City that has several impressive secrets hidden. It would be a gift to all employees, past and present, for someone to investigate and bring the dark to light. The staff there is the most humble, faith-filled servants of God I have ever seen, yet they are treated as anti-Christians and ridiculed by the one they answer to. Anyone notice all the remodeling and lavish decor over the last 5 years? It is not limited to the Center either, see the Bishops residence and the Directors humble abode.

  4. Faithful lay people have also been disappeared as well for Parsih leadership.