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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

The Nabi Discusses Bishop Bransfield and his Lavish Lifestyle!

Maybe if we dye our feathers brown, nobody
will recognize us. But I'd sure miss being pretty
 in pink and gay pride parades would be so drab!
Are you reading the series on the Diocese of Wheeling Charleston and Bishop Bransfield’s profligate spending? If so, you will find this post shockingly enlightening and a window into the greed and indulgence of the lavender mafia. Read part 1 here and part 2 here and pray for the Nabi. I assure you this prophet of God knows of what he/she speaks. The financial scandals of these selfish and evil men need to be investigated along with their abuse of children and young men. 

Like McCarrick, Bransfield’s proclivities were well known. And along with investigating him, those he placed in positions of authority in the diocese should be investigated as well. As my mom always said, “Birds of a feather flock together.” The pink and lavender birds need to be caged and tagged

Wisdom of the Nabi sayeth:

But of course the sheep of the FORMER shepherd will understand his extravagant spending. After all, he was the bishop of the diocese located in the poorest state of the union. How stressful that must have been! Surely all of you, especially those of you on fixed income will understand why he spent huge amounts of stress-reducing money:

1. He had a personal chef whom he sent to France for two weeks to learn how to prepare gourmet food as the French prepare it. The chef enjoyed his time there and said he was amazed at how the French care for their vegetables

2. He had a sunken bar installed in his mansion on Elmwood Place, Wheeling, along with a huge wine cellar (be assured there was neither Boone's Farm nor Mad Dog 20/20 on his shelves)

3. He took NUMEROUS first-class fights to Rome each year, always accompanied and always carrying a significant amount of dollars converted to euros

4. On one occasion while dining at the Chop House restaurant in Charleston he told an associate he had considered buying a helicopter for the diocese but ruled that purchase out because, "that would send the people over the deep end"

5. He preferred to go to Mayo Clinic in Florida for his medical care. His own Wheeling hospital just wasn’t good enough

6. On one of his first trips to Rome as bishop, he attempted to use the diocesan credit card to purchase a gold watch but was temporarily blocked because he had not informed in advance the bank of possible out of country purchases....

7. Shortly after being ordained bishop, the now FOMER bishop had several portrait sessions at Bachrach Portraits (who did JFK's, Harry Truman, LBJ & celebrities). The pictures were posted online at the diocesan of Wheeling-Charleston website and all parishes and schools throughout the diocese were expected to buy and display his portraits prominently. The priests were taken to task had they not done so.

8. At the expense of the destruction of the diocese’s poor little inner city Cathedral Grade school, the FORMER bishop built a lavish new chancery building with a price tag of around 14 million shekels.Among other essentials, the FORMER bishop’s office had a shower that used genuine rain water, had an extra large, super-sized plasm TV and a water fountain on the grounds with sensors to control the water flow based on wind velocity. Ain’t that SPACIAL!!!???

But enough for now....

What really and truly is the underlying reason as to why the FORMER shepherd spent diocesan funds so extravagantly?

1st Lord Acton said it best back in the late 19th century: "Power corrupts; Absolute power corrupts absolutely." More to come....



    Tom Coyne

  2. On the other hand, when men in authority act like brown shirts, hiding your identity can be an act of priudence. Ever hear of Dietrich Bonhoeffer or Sophie Scholl?

  3. Is Tom Coyne your real name? If so, tell us where you live and what you do. Tell us if you have a family. What are your children's names? Where do they go to school? What is your address? What is your phone number? If you don't tell us ALL the above then you are a coward.

  4. I agree that he lived "above the top", but there is one statement that is incorrect. The Cathedral grade school was no longer being used. He did do a great deal of cleaning up in the poor neighborhood that surrounds the Chancery offices.

  5. What goes around, comes around... may take a decade, but nonetheless. Shame Shame Shame!