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Monday, September 24, 2018

Nabi Sayeth: Pew Sitters Rise Up!

To recoil before an enemy, or to keep silence when from all sides such clamors are raised against truth, is the part of a man either devoid of character or who entertains doubt as to the truth of what he professes to believe." -Pope Leo  XIII

Nabi is aware that many holy people in the pew are both confused and perplexed at what they have seen and heard about the sexually abusive clergymen. One 96 year old life-long Catholic woman asked, “How could they do what they do and then say Holy Mass?” Her question is being asked by many Catholics and non-Catholics alike.

From a psychiatric perspective, the following information may help:

1. With regard to the sexual abuse of teen and young adult males, one would think the victim could just say no to the seductive advances of clergymen. But the part of their brain that determines decision-making is not fully developed, the “Pre-Frontal Cortex.” After they give in to the sexual predation, they are then consumed with feelings of guilt, remorse and shame. They often end up living a life of promiscuity, drug/alcohol abuse, impotency, and they are likely to become abusers themselves. The abused often becomes an abuser.

2. With regard to children, the predation is much more sinister in nature. The abuser “grooms” his victim as a wolf slowly and carefully stalks a lamb. The goal is to get the child alone. Likewise, the wolf wants to separate the lamb from the herd. The adult clergyman for some reason has the emotional maturity at or near the emotional level of the child. Yes, he sees himself as a child attracted to a child. The problem is, he is an adult, physically and mentally. He has the ability to outthink and use his superior physical ability to overpower the child. The wolf does the same with the lamb. The result of the clergyman’s lust is tragic. The child is scarred for life AND is likely to become an abuser in time.

Now, it may be helpful to ”walk” with Nabi through the bizarrely immoral world of the Lavender clergyman….WARNING: What you are about to read defies logic and basic human decency:

1. Clergyman William Flynn taught classes on “How to say Mass” and “The Eucharist” for many years at the seminary where many of the clergy of WV were once sent. Flynn was a perverted sexual predator, especially of freshmen seminarians. There was a section of Charles street in downtown Baltimore where predators “cruised” to search for and pick up male teen prostitutes. Flynn was arrested in the act of solicitation and taken to the local precinct. Rather than book him, the police phoned then Archbishop William Borders about Flynn’s situation. Archbishop Borders phoned the rector of the seminary and ordered that Flynn get out of his diocese by midnight that very night. Flynn quietly slithered under the cover of darkness to his home diocese of Altoona-Johnstown in PA where he was assigned as pastor of a parish and soon made a Monsignor (My Lord) for his years of service of “educating” seminarians.

2. Clergyman Colombo Bandiera worked in the diocese in WV many years, up until his death a few years ago. He was a “don” of the Lavender Mafia with many of the younger priests vying for his favor and attention. All of them dreamed of being like Colombo. Why? Colombo loved nice clothes, expensive food, expensive vacations. They loved his cavalier ways of changing the Holy Mass so that he might express himself, and the way he always renovated the rectories and Churches he inherited. While stationed in Fairmont he had hanging on the living room wall a painting of a teen boy fully naked. All loved how Colombo “stood up and spoke his mind to bishops.” He was, tragically, a molester of many children and teens through his many years. One case involved a man who as a young boy and student at the old Cathedral Grade  School served mass with then associate pastor Bandiera who forced him to have sex numerous times. The boy was too afraid and ashamed to tell anyone, including his mother. While in his 60’s the man became severely depressed and finally told his mother, in her 80’s what Bandiera had forced on him as a child. The mother called her clergyman to report the matter, but tragically, the call was made too late. The man killed himself.

3. A worshipper of Bandiera has been for years the counselor for priests in WV and under several bishops. It was reported by several people to former bishops that the counselor was receiving in the mail at the chancery on Saturday mornings a plain wrapped package of pornography from Pittsburg. The late Clergyman Charles McCallister reported this to the bishop and was scoffed at by him. McCallister after leaving his position as vicar general of the  diocese would himself be credibly accused of sexually abusing a teen boy and the night before he was to be arraigned before a grand jury took a lethal overdose of medication. The counselor once referred a mildly mentally handicapped teen just two weeks into his 18th birthday to the pastor of a parish in eastern Cabell County for “counseling.” The pastor gave the boy alcohol and then raped and sodomized him. And then there was a situation involving the counselor himself which he shared with a clergyman of the diocese. He confided that once while being sodomized in the Pittsburg apartment of his black homosexual lover, his black lover’s lover walked in on them and in a fit of rage, beat the counselor to a pulp. 

Enough for now. You may be asking yourself, “Are there any decent priests left?” Yes, there certainly are. One who comes to mind is a most holy and sacrificial priest who was stationed on a mountain top in Thomas, WV. This most humble man of God gave up a lucrative career with IBM to give his life to Jesus. The Lavender crew keep him far away because he will never play in their reindeer games. May God bless him for his devoted service. He is a role model for true priests.

My Friends, the swamp is deep, dark, smelly and dangerous. The swamp is a well-entrenched group, a Mafia in the truest sense. Only the laity can be trusted to drain it in truth and justice. Do YOU care enough to grow beyond your anger to help?     Stay tuned….

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