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Saturday, September 1, 2018

This Is for You, Faithful Catholic Women, Call on the Pope for Answers!

Read the letter then click on the "sign" link.
Catholic Women's Forum has penned a letter to the pope asking for answers following the release of the Archbishop Vigano report. I've signed the letter and I urge all faithful Catholic moms, grandmoms, working women, consecrated religious, etc. to sign it as well.

August 30, 2018

His Holiness, Pope Francis
Vatican City
Your Holiness:

You have said that you seek “a more incisive female presence in the Church,” and that “women are capable of seeing things with a different angle from [men], with a different eye. Women are able to pose questions that we men are not able to understand.”

We write to you, Holy Father, to pose questions that need answers.

We are Catholic women deeply committed to our faith and profoundly grateful for Church teachings, the Sacraments, and the many good bishops and priests who have blessed our lives.

Our hearts are broken, our faith tested, by the escalating crisis engulfing our beloved Church. We are angry, betrayed and disillusioned. The pain and suffering of the victims never ends, as each news cycle brings more horrific revelations of sexual abuse, sexual misconduct, cover-ups, and deceit—even at the Church’s highest levels.  [Read more....]


  1. Great letter! I did signed it and pass it on to everyone I thought would sign. I saw yesterday that 25,000 women had signed it, so...would he respond? or will once more be silent? It would be another scandal if he refuses to respond. My sincere thanks to the person who wrote such a fantastic letter; may God bless her and all those who have signed.