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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Nabi Sayeth: Where Have All the Good Shepherds Gone?

Nabi’s Heart is heavy because of what Nabi knows about the machinations, maneuverings and misdeeds of those who clawed their way into positions of power in Holy Mother Church and who did so underneath the noses of the very trusting laity. Nabi often wonders what is going on in the head of a clergyman each time a particular reading is read at Holy Mass that describes the true role of the shepherd who is supposed to be a disciple of Our Lord, such as Mark 10: 45…

“The Son of Man came to serve and not be served and to give His life as a ransom for the many.”

What about His words... do clergymen not understand? Or is it a matter of their disregarding or perhaps, DISOBEYING His Holy words?

So, how do the My Lords and bishops get into office? One would think, according to the Bible, through a process of Holy discernment. But more often and in the case of WV it has been a matter of who loves Uncle Teddy the most. Until Teddy controlled most of the appointments of bishops in the eastern US for many years, especially from 2000 until recent times. He was Cardinal Archbishop of DC at the time that then Monsignor Bransfield ran the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in DC. Monsignor Bransfield was quite the socialite in DC back then. Here is an excerpt from the sworn deposition of Father James Haley, a whistleblower priest from Arlington, VA who was crucified for his bravery and  which illustrates this point….

“Certainly it seemed that the chancellor, Father Rippy and Bill Saunders and Danny Spychala and Bill Erbacher were all gay and had a very strong bond and were very supportive and defensive of each other. There was conversations about Father Verrecchia and some of his relationships with some of the gays in the diocese, including
his replacement as MC.

Question: What's "MC"?

Answer:  Master of Ceremonies for the bishop. 

Question: Who was his replacement?

Answer: Richard Mullins and, you know, in conversations that were just phenomenal. You know, Richard Mullins has a -- he's always over there with Monsignor Bransfield, you know. And I said who's Monsignor Bransfield? He said he's the -- he runs the National
Shrine, you know the Immaculate Conception. And I said what are you telling me? He said he's one of the boys. He's got a big boy's club. They have their big parties over there. Just phenomenal stories.

Question: Now when you say "boys," this is parties with young boys?

Answer: No, fellow gay priests.

Question: Oh, gay priests, okay.

Answer: Now, I made a personal decision thatI was not going to talk about any of this to anyone until I had some substantial information and verification of some of these things that he was telling me.” (Pp. 154-155 of deposition)

My Lord Bransfield had a reputation throughout DC for throwing very lavish parties attended by many of the DC elite. He had a quite special relationship with Uncle Teddy MCCarrick. This is what Uncle Teddy said as he was preparing to ORDAIN My Lord Bransfield as bishop of West Virginia:

Dec 9/2004
“Of course, I will miss him personally since he has been a valued collaborator and a good friend. I am sure that the Church in West Virginia, so ably shepherded by Bishop Schmitt, will continue to grow in faith and apostolic service with Bishop Bransfield as its guide. I look forward to his episcopal ordination and to his years as shepherd of that important diocese.”

Uncle Teddy came to the Cathedral of Wheeling to ordain his dear friend and their relationship continues to this day. Nowhere will you find a statement of condemnation of Uncle Teddy’s perverted sexual behavior by FORMER bishop Bransfield. Is that not interesting?

Clergyman Fannie was quite stimulated by the news of the appointment of the new bishop and immediately began attempts to establish a SPACIAL relationship with the newly announced bishop. Upon hearing the announcement of Bransfield’s appointment to WV, he raced off to Weirton to inquire of former pastor Fryer who knew My Lord Bransfield, in order to gather information, and hopefully, establish a line of communication which he was successful in doing. 

My Lord Fannie lusts to wear a red hat and always has, much to the fear of many clergymen and people in the pews. FORMER Bishop Bransfield once attempted maneuvers to bring this about. The process progressed to the point that questionnaires were sent out by the Papal Nuncio to certain select individuals to ascertain information about My Lord Fannie and his worthiness to be a bishop. Some of the questionnaires that were filled out and returned to the Nuncio contained information so heated that it is quite miraculous there was not a five alarm fire at the Nuncio’s office when they were opened! My Lord Fannie is respected by neither man nor beast, not even by some of the My Lords whom he managed to manipulate into positions of power in the diocese such as the vicariates of Wheeling, Charleston, and Huntington. So, how does someone identity a Lavender Mafia type of clergyman?

There are certain behavioral traits of the Lavender Mafia clergy which are often overlooked (or unexamined and unquestioned due to a tragic sense of misplaced loyalty) but are easily observed when one knows what to look for:

1. The maintaining of exclusive relationships: Certain clergy, certain lay people(of means) show up at the rectory all the time, especially at the expense of time spent with “regular” people, most especially the elderly and poor (these people have little money and aren’t very exciting).

2. Lust for creature comforts such as upper end cars, vacations, technology devices and CLOTHING. They love the GQ look, especially in young priests and turn their noses down at people who do not have such a look. 

3. Renovation of Churches and rectories: No sooner than they move into a new assignment usually one of the first goals to accomplish is to restructure their rectory. New furniture, new paint, new wallpaper, new floors, new everything. Often the renovations are done even after the former clergyman had just renovated the space! Parishioners are pushed to support needless destruction of Church worship spaces. Often a parishioner or small group of parishioners “of means” are groomed and trained to support the Lavender clergyman and his renovation fantasies. Most people, often the non-privileged parishioners, observe this but feel powerless to intervene. 

4. New and “exciting” forms of worship: The Lavender crowd is repulsed by things traditional such as Adoration of the Most Holy Eucharist, Benediction, and especially the Rosary. On the other hand, there are a few, very few, who mask their “persuasion” by doing many things seemingly traditional. Such behavior is the result of a subconscious expression of guilt.

5. You will never hear a Mafia member speak about the Church’s position on homosexuality, transgender ideology and various and sundry LGBTQ issues. Hmmmmmm.

6. Lavender Mafia clergymen have restless spirits. They are climbers who are always looking for higher positions, more affluent parish assignments and public recognition.

So, what can the laity do to stop such horrible, narcissistic behavior, behavior that is offensive to Our Lord Jesus?

You MUST demand that the good ole boy political system end now.

Bishops must be discerned not appointed by favor. Discernment was the manner in which the early Church received their leaders. BUT THAT TAKES FAITH AND TRUST IN OUR LORD...doesn’t  it??? LAY PEOPLE MUST BE AN INTEGRAL PART OF THE DISCERNMENT, if not the leaders of the process. 

No more My Lord (Monsignor) titles bestowed, especially on younger priests. Becoming a My Lord simply because one is a SPACIAL friend of the bishop  is a practice that must end.

The laity MUST be involved, period….in management and oversight.

Parish pastors must be discerned based on a perceived/discerned  sense of calling and on a clear understanding of the pastor’s gifts in light of the proposed parishes’  needs. The appointment of priests to “plum”(affluent) parishes based on favor/reward must  end now. Our Lord never visited a town based on its financial status, neither should the clergy…….

Now, Nabi is aware that after reading numerous of his prophecies you may be feeling a bit inadequate, and even duped. If so, you are not alone. 

In the next installment, Nabi will present how one quite prominent medical expert expresses his fury at being duped by the,Don Corleone of the Lavender Mafia….Stay tuned….


  1. We have a priest at our parish who is one of those mentioned above. He used to be a pastor, but stepped down to be a parochial vicar some years back before being moved to our parish. I sensed this right away and prayed Bishop La Verde would have him retire since he was sick all the time. Interesting that he has a new car from who else but, Don Beyer! This is not the first time a priest has received a car from Don Beyer. Whether it was given to him or he bought doesn’t matter as much as Don Beyer is NOT pro life. There are so many things at our parish that are weird. Our pastor rarely does baptisms, rarely a funeral. He seems to just do Mass and Confession. Is this odd? We once were very fortunate to have a “dream team” at our parish, maybe we were spoiled, but what does one do when some people are just fine with it, don’t even see it while there is another faction who are disappointed, angry and powerless to do anything about it? These two priests have had an affect on Holy Hour, our Novena, is; hardly anyone goes where as it used to be well attended. I hardly go to daily Mass because Fr. S humiliated me when I received Communion, and he has done it to others (I won’t go into detail here). It has had a great affect on my faith life. Not about God or the Church, but caused so much anxiety that it’s hard to go to Mass! Yes going to other Churches is an option, any a lot of people have left, but the dread goes on. My husband and I are drafting a letter to Fr. Scalia but even that probably won’t help. Fr. S needs to go. There is so much more...

  2. I am told the rejoicing out of the chancery on the 25th was enough to startle the students at Wheeling Catholic. Perhaps with the chanting of a slightly re-worded famous sung line from the "Wizard of Oz" mixed in. I can confirm much of what "Nabi" sayeth, at least those are certainly the rumors. But some things are surprisingly missing, like the history of the most recently deceased priest in the diocese. Respect for the dearly departed? And the Traditional, orthodox, pro-sexual morality priest who spends his time at night in gay sex chatrooms? It is all very well reporting to the nuncio uncovering a priest on those sites, until one asks what was HE doing there in the first place?

    Nabi is a good place to start, but there are some secrets he is keeping as well.

  3. Let’s think on this a bit. There is a famous priest on the internet, let’s call him "Father Y." Let’s see how these all line up:
    1) "Maintaining of exclusive relationships": Frequently reports on meeting an exclusive group of "priest friends" at his luxurious, Church-funded apartments.
    2) “Lust for creature comforts”: Frequent posts on his luxurious meals, both home-cooked and at the best restaurants around the world, travel (never economy) across the globe, “wish list” for followers to buy him luxury good on Amazon.
    3) Has been “Awol” from his diocese for decades, how long does it take to complete a degree? (Awfully comparable to “Lord Fanny” in distaste for regular parish work.)
    4) “There are a few, very few, who mask their “persuasion” by doing many things seemingly traditional. Such behavior is the result of a subconscious expression of guilt.” Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    Here is a hint: This goes A LOT deeper than you can possibly imagine.