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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Lauren Southern's Documentary on the Genocide of White South African Farmers

"It's more dangerous to be a white farmer in South Africa than a US soldier on the front lines in Afghanistan or Iraq." The mainstream media refuses to report the genocide of South African white farmers. Why? It's worth the hour spent to watch Lauren Southern's documentary to decide for yourself. 

The first 12 minutes of the film is the history of South Africa from 1650 to today for a basic understanding of the terrible current situation. See the results of communist/socialist, social justice, Marxist and leftist governance. Lauren does a superb job of reporting by showing both sides of the issue so take time out from the Church's current homosexual abuse crisis, Europe's current invasion by Islam and the left's hatred of President Trump to see the horror of life for white farmers in South Africa.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you Susan, for posting this. I found it on You Tube and watched it.
    One thought I had as I viewed it was where in all this is the Catholic Church?

    If anyone has not seen this video because of the length of it, I recommend that you move the time bar to about the 30 minute mark and watch the last half at least.

    We used to have friends who were immigrants to the USA from South Africa. The relationship went south a few years ago when they had become US citizens and were full on supporters of Hillary Clinton and Democrat policies. We were rather shocked considering they were Catholics and should have also known what corrupt government looks like. The more literature I sent to them the more resistant they were to hearing what conservativism has to offer. We eventually ended our friendship after I was given a written tongue lashing about how mean and unchristian Republicans all are.

    I believe our friends had been somewhat well off in S.A. and it was hard for them to decided to leave, but they did, assuming they would be as well off here. Because they now find themselves less affluent than they had planned to be, they are resentful of their step down in status and look at the USA as an "unfair" place to live.

    I agree with this film maker, the future is not going to good for any white person who does not have the means to leave. Whereas, the civil war brewing there is based on race, the underlying resentment is always, where socialists are concerned, other people's money and well being.