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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Cupich Holding a Meeting with his Priests Tonight.

BREAKING: Cardinal Cupich Invites All Chicago Area Priests to an "Open Discussion" This Evening at Mundelein Seminary (Must Have Printed Invitation to Enter) 

What do you think? Will Cupich use this as an opportunity to identify the good priests he wants to deep six? Cupich has already shown what he's capable of by his persecution of Fr. Phillips and his promotion of all things "gay," like his shilling for homosexual propagandist James Martin.  He is as trustworthy as a snake. Let's pray there is a mongoose or two among his priests who are interested in protecting children! Cupich should go the same way as his buddies McCarrick and Wuerl who looks to be on the way out the door, please God! Farrell and Tobin next!

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