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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Nabi Sayeth: “We have been deceived” beginning with the Dallas “Proclamation of Deception!”

Nabi is exposing the evil in the Diocese of Wheeling Charleston, but no matter what diocese you live in, with rare if any exceptions, the same thing is going on where you live! They say Nero fiddled while Rome burned. How many bishops like the one pictured above yuck it up while they aid and abet the lavender mafia?

How many bishops are trying to figure out what to do about their “homosexual priest problem?” Not many, that’s for sure. My own bishop, John Keating had a heart condition. Was it just a coincidence that he died on March 22, 1998 the day after he asked in a Vatican meeting what he could do about his homosexual priests? His doctor spoke later to a meeting of the Arlington clergy about the bishop’s death and told them how strictly he warned the bishop about the dosage of his medication. Did someone deliberately fool with his meds? 

According to a person who worked closely with Fr. John Hardon, that holy man believed Keating was murdered. It puts Archbishop Vigano’s going into hiding in another light, doesn’t it? Sometimes reality is stranger and more ominous than fiction. In the past few days we’ve seen a priest in Chicago, Fr. Paul Kalchik, himself a victim of clergy sex abuse, removed by Cardinal Cupich and ordered into psychiatric treatment. Of course! Anyone who confronts the demons in the chancery must be crazy, right? 

It’s time for the laity to rise like the Catholics of the Vendee rose to defend their good priests during the French Revolution. Every homosexual in the Church, active or not, must be removed from any position of authority. Their disordered orientation makes the priesthood an occasion of sin! Pray for many Nabis in dioceses all over the country to rise up and lead the flock in demanding the purification of Holy Mother Church! Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us!

Nabi sayeth….We all have been deceived by gutless, intentionally dishonest liars amongst the hierarchy with regard to the Catholic Church’s response to child sexual abuse. A few have spoken out very recently about the homosexual clergy  problem behind the sexual abuse scandal such as Bishop Morlino of the diocese of Madison, Wisconsin. But there is a real lack of credibility to his/their actions. For instance, Bishop Morlino has been a bishop since 2003...why is he JUST NOW speaking out? Is he not showing up a little late to the dance???

In June 2002 the bishops gathered in Dallas to sign the “Proclamation of Deception” aka the “Dallas Charter.” At that time, they promised before God, God’s holy people, and especially, THE MEDIA that they would take great measures to protect children under their care. 

The attitude underneath the event was one of intentional deception. It was an attempt to throw some fresh grass and oats at the dumb sheep in order to placate and shut them up.
From this event programs were contrived to give the impression of a desire to protect God’s children. How was this effort deceptive?

1. The effort was motivated by the desire to CYA. Yes, it was intended to make those who wear pointed hats appear concerned, compassionate, etc.

2. It was a loss prevention measure. In other words, rather than acting out of love for our children, the desire was to save money by reducing the risk of lawsuits against those who wear pointed hats.

3. The “Virtus” program which emerged as a highly favored training program focused on the protection of children while at the same time ignoring an even greater problem: The sexual abuse of teens and young adults. 

4. In a video that was required viewing for those who went through the Virtus program (especially lay employees and volunteers) a blatant lie was listed! One of the bullet points read explicitly: THERE IS NO CONNECTION  BETWEEN CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE AND HOMOSEXUALITY. The bishops’ own research concluded that 86 percent of sexual abuse acts are done by HOMOSEXUALS...male on male.

5. There was and is one, huge and most important flaw….in WV, the program was ultimately supervised by a My Lord of the Lavender Mafia and a FORMER Bishop who was a homosexual abuser himself. Or in other words, THE WOLVES WERE WATCHING THE HEN COUP. And,they reported that everything was deliciously fine.

Many years ago, Nabi had the privilege of studying Psychiatry under perhaps one of the world’s foremost experts, Dr. Paul McHugh. Dr. McHugh is an outstanding teacher and a most devout Catholic, a man of true faith. He loves the Church. Because of his reputation he was invited to be on the bishops’ National Sexual Abuse Prevention Board. Time would reveal that they used Dr. McHugh like an inexpensive hooker. Here are his highly emotional words:

“Why didn’t they tell us—trusted laity asked to lend our expertise—why didn’t they tell us about the supervisory nature of the abuse and especially the McCarrick situation?” “It’s got to be more than McCarrick who is held accountable but all of them, since it’s been revealed that all was not revealed. We, the charter members, were kept in the dark.”
“There were many priests involved and many children impacted, and this was mainly homosexual abuse of boys and young men.”

Throughout the country, and especially, in West Virginia, experts were invited to be on the sexual abuse prevention review board of the diocese and they generously offered their time and talent. But the bishop and clergymen in charge were dishonest in their monitoring and reporting to the board. 

Nabi is aware of a correspondence sent by a chancery My Lord telling His like-minded clergy friends not to participate in the diocesan sexual abuse program. The My Lord himself refused to sign up for the required federal background check and encouraged his Lavender partners to do the same. He relented in time, however, and did so. 

And then there’s another cover up issue….How many “Non-disclosure” agreements have been signed and how much hush money offered in payment for the silence of the lambs?
The Diocesan Attorneys Association which represents bishops around the country has long taken a “Them vs Us” stance against sexual abuse victims. At a recent parish meeting in Wheeling the parish attendees were repulsed by the “Them vs Us” thinking expressed by the diocesan attorney. In the thinking of the Diocesan Attorneys Association, it’s the hungry plaintiff attorneys and anti-Catholic media vs the bishop/Church. And while there is little doubt that the plaintiff attorneys can be quite piranha-ish, and the mainstream media has no love for the Church, but what about the raped and sodomized boys and girls and young adult males whose love and trust were crushed by the Lavender perverts and their clergy supporters and front men?

Just last week, four males in New York, sexually abused as children,  were awarded the largest payout in Church history: $27.5 million. By the end of this year, bishops will have paid out close to 3 billion dollars in sexual abuse payments. Think about this: If the bishops and their minions had kept their 2002 promise would they be paying out 3 billion? How many Catholic children do you suppose could have received a free education with that much money? How many of our nation’s poor could have been fed? How many of the unborn babies could have been saved from the cruel and painful, crushing death of abortion? 


The people in the pews must stop paying out until which time they have the answers…
Let the diocese run itself on the 500 plus million dollars in the reserve fund until the answers are given for ALL to see....Stay tuned….


  1. I find your hatred of homosexuals to be abhorrent. Pedophiles are not necessarily fact, many are heterosexual, but attracted to children. Additionally, lavender is a color associated with lesbians, not gay men.

  2. I find your accusation of hatred to be abhorrent. And your claim that the problem was “pedophilia” is without merit. Most of the cases of clergy sex abuse involved teens and young adult males, not little children of both sexes. Those calling it pedophilia are either ignorant or liars. There is a deliberate and concerted effort to take the focus off the real problem, the disordered inclination to same sex lust because that would involve exposing the homosexual nature of the problem. That must be avoided at all cost by attacking those who speak the truth as your comment so perfectly illustrates.

  3. VStaskey said... "I find your hatred of homosexuals to be abhorrent."

    People like you have overused the word "hatred" to the point that no one listens to you and your ilk anymore.

    Do you really think anyone cares whether you find something to be "abhorrent"?

  4. I think Cardinal Dolan will not be laughing so much any more. He is up to his ample belly in trouble. The judgement of God is coming down hard on the sodomites in God's Holy Temple. The chastisement is coming. He is going to reclaim what is His.

    I think You are in good company in the "hate" department. God hates sodomites, what they do to each other and what they have done to his precious children. I can really think of nothing more base and evil than a Priest trading his holy Office for pedo/ephebo sex crimes on our innocent kids (not mine, perhaps, but kids just like mine). These homosexual predatory Priests murder both body and soul, in this life and the next. You have to hate that.

    If anyone doesn't hate what God hates (love what He loves) then you should ponder why, and what it all means.

  5. God loves all His creatures, but He will not force anyone’s will. He will not drag anyone kicking and screaming into heaven. Who really “hates” homosexuals? Isn’t it the one who will tickle the homosexuall’s ears and, like the devil, assure him that he is perfectly fine in his damnable sin? Letting a person go merrily on his hellish way without warning is truly evil and an act of hatred. True love is willing to suffer for the other by accepting the “hatred” that arises from speaking the hard truth and being persecuted for it — like Archbishop Vigano and the priest in Chicago.

  6. Gay men have always been attracted to the priesthood. If there were to be a gay rapture, the Catholic Church would crumble. I reject your painting all gay priest as pedophiles/sodomites, etc. If a priest is committed to his vows, his sexuality shouldn't be of any concern. And DJR, I'm not alone in finding this blog to be abhorrent as far as its condemnation of gay priests, or any gay person.

  7. Sooo....there’s no problem with a heterosexual priest living intimately with a convent full of women, some nubile young virgins, as long as he is “committed to his vows”?

  8. Rev 2:6 Clear to me that hating what God hates is looked at fvorably by Him.

    People are fooling themselves if they think we should coexist, tolerate, and get along with all others in spite of their flaws. Anyone who thinks that, you have NOT been reading the New Testament. They have more than likely been feeding at the trough of Vat. II LIBERAL propaganda.

  9. VStaskey: There is only one abhorrent thing: Priests who prey on our children.

    I have no sympathy for sodomite Priests. They need to find a new calling, like plumber, mechanic, something useful.

    The "chaste homosexual, committed to his vows" thing don't fly no more. Get out. Get a more appropriate job.

  10. Vstastkey at 7.52...Are you really so 'cupich' naturally or do you have to work at it?

    'CUPICH'-: Some one who is dumb, ignorant, or just plain stupid and who thinks everyone else is the same.

    I dont hate homosexuals.I hate the depravities they engage in.....
    Please pray for our homosexual brothers and sisters

  11. The problems of a fallen nature is nothing new. All tend to sin by weakened nature due to Original Sin. What is new is that, studies have shown, unlike heterosexual abuses committed today Sodomites are in a network, and work together and protect each other, unlike those who abuse heterosexually, and are loners. Once a loner is caught, the abuse stops. But the sodomite networks with other sodomites. They look out for each other, and recycle each other. This is the problem.
    Furthermore homosexuality is Sodomy. Sodomy is prohibited even between a husband and wife. It is one of 4 Sins they Cry out to Heaven for Justice.
    Lastly, A priest cannot be a homosexual, because the priest is a role model for others, and as a priest who sacrifices Christ and offers himself and the Congregation, on the Cross [which is the definition of the Mass]he must be another Christ , sufferer, and not a nurturer.

  12. VStaskey said..."And DJR, I'm not alone in finding this blog to be abhorrent as far as its condemnation of gay priests, or any gay person."

    And neither am I alone in not caring one whit what you, or your fellow travelers, find to be abhorrent.

    In fact, the majority of the world finds the so-called "gay" lifestyle abhorrent, and has always done so.

    We find people like you to be the true "haters."

  13. VStaskey:
    You wrote that "gay men have always been attracted to the priesthood." The question I raise is "Are they legitimate vocations?"
    In the Roman Catholic Church one does not "choose" the priesthood as one might choose to be a teacher or a doctor or a mechanic.
    Since the word "gay" generally regers to an active homosexual, are you suggesting that men guilty of the sin of sodomy (correctly defined by an earlier respondent as "a sin that cries to heaven for vengeance") have been called by GOD to be "another Christ"?
    The vocation to the priesthood is given to certain chosen men by an ALL HOLY GOD. Men do not choose to become priests: they respond to a direct calling from GOD.
    Is that not the nub of the problem: that men with NO Divine calling have insinuated themselves into seminaries for their own selfish purposes? Certainly the 1100 young Communist men - some, perhaps, unbaptized - that Bella Dodd placed into Catholic seminaries upon the direct order of Josef Stalin - men trained in all manner of evil - had no priestly vocation, no Divine calling.
    The Catholic Church was founded by JESUS Who has said, "It is not you who have chosen me;.it is I who have chosen you."
    Stop deceiving yourself into thinking that this blog is written / frequented by people with an animus against homosexuals. True love means helping others to see and embrace the TRUTH. Unrepentant homosexuals risk eternal damnation. It is love of our fellow men that urges us on.

  14. This is why people are fleeing the Roman Catholic Church in droves...dogmatic people without a shred of compassion for anyone but the unborn. I don’t like any of you. Grateful that I attend s church where all are welcome...including many former RC’s.

  15. Dear VStaskey,

    You won’t win with the kinds of people who write this blog. I share your sentiment that the messages on here are abhorrent - and just incredibly odd. But if you try to share less condemning views on the subjects of gays and Muslims, these folks won’t see it. You could shine a bright flashlight of truth straight at their eyes and they wouldn’t see it. I’ve tried, for so many years, to share more loving, more accepting views with my Catholic, conservative family. The responses are alarmingly spiteful, maddeningly off-topic, and downright inane.

    One point tho - these folks on this blog do point out that they don’t hate homosexuals as people. They “hate the sin.” It’s a strange paradox, really, because then they say they hate what God hates. But who are they to say who and what God hates? What if their own family - their children, their grandchildren - were gay? How would they treat them? I don’t see how they justify their rhetoric. The Bible - a book of parables and stories - is their only defense.

    And no one - NO ONE - is saying pedophilia is acceptable, from either a straight or a gay person. No one in their right mind would ever think that - to harm a child that way is evil and sick. The point of contention is where those urges come from. And you’re correct, VStaskey - there’s no evidence to say whether that inclination occurs more with gay or straight people. But I wouldn’t bother arguing it here. I suggest spending your time volunteering for LGBTQ+ youth instead.

    These blog folks point out lust as their main point of contention. Yet I’ve known scores of gay people and not very many of them are that much more lustful than us straight folk. And I’ve know plenty of straight people to be lustful towards the opposite sex. And I’m sure you’ve heard about the Me Too movement - one commenter here says homosexuals work in a network. So do the rapists and sexual assaulters who are straight. Our Supreme Court nominee is a Catholic and accused by three different women of sexual assault. That’s a network. That’s a problem. (And even if you don’t believe the accusations against him, key in any example of rape and sexual assault of men against women here. Networked.)

    But you won’t find that discussion on this blog. You won’t find sense, love, decency, acceptance. You’ll find a double-standard of what counts as moral behavior. You’ll only find poison.

    (And posts from alt-right documentary makers but anyway.)

    They're blind to their own poison, but you won't be able to change them, sadly. They seem like passionate people and we could use those folks on the other side. Perhaps one day they'll come on over. And we'll welcome them and forgive them.

    For now, I suggest not reading this blog because their words today aren’t worth your anger. Don’t even give ‘em the clicks 🙂 Lord knows I’ve given them too many! And that’s my last post on here y’all.

    God love ya, but goodness do y’all need Jesus!

  16. You two are funny. Thanks for the comic relief. You are so clearly following the liberal playbook. Good-bye, Lindsay. Sorry you won’t see this since you aren’t coming back any more. We’re all crying.

  17. I hope Lindsay's life doesn't go off the rails from living by the liberal playbook, but sadly, sooner or later, it will. It will because Lindsay and others like her choose to be sad and angry, self righteous, ignorant and naive. Poor Lindsay.

    I bet she will still follow Les Femmes. She will change her name from Lindsay Ann to Angie Lou or something and comment again. Her liberal angst will drive her to do it.

  18. The point, to me, is not really what other people think about the topic. What does God think of it? What has His Church taught about it and Sacred Tradition? It is clear and unambiguous. Sodomy is a sin that cries to heaven for vengeance. And when God takes His vengance, it is a fearful thing.

    Whether LindseyAlan or VStasey like it or not, God incinerated Sodom and Gomorrah. Even innocent Lots wife was turned to salt, just for turning around to see. Fair? Fact. That smoking pile of ash is what God thinks of sodomy and predatory sex.

    And on a personal level, as a parent of young, special needs children who are vulnerable to these sorts of sexual predators, I don't really care if my hatred of sodomy and sexual predatory behavior bothers them either. I do hate it. I am utterly intolerant of it around my family and especially in the Holy Temple of my Lord.

    So, to answer one of LindseyAlan's questions: "If any man come to me, and hate not his father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters, yea, even his own life, he cannot be my disciple." Luke 14:26 Only God, and whatever blessings God gives me along the way to eternity.

    I am consumed with love for God Almighty, Trinitarian God Father, Son, Holy Spirit. I want what He wants. I will do what He commands. This sick, disintegrating society we live in now, 2018? It has nothing to offer. No answers. No hope. I present the Gospel to them. And the Gospel of Christ will deliver them from all their sins and depravity; yes even debauched sodomy, pederasty and epheberasty. That is their only hope, and *that* is true Love.

  19. VStaskey said..."This is why people are fleeing the Roman Catholic Church in droves...dogmatic people without a shred of compassion for anyone but the unborn. I don’t like any of you. Grateful that I attend s church where all are welcome...including many former RC’s."

    You have created a god in your own image, but it is not the true God.

    The true God consists of the Holy Trinity, and there is only one true church, outside of which there is no salvation.

    Unless you repent, you will see the fires of eternal damnation, along with all unrepentant sodomites.

  20. LindseyAlan said..."But if you try to share less condemning views on the subjects of gays and Muslims, these folks won’t see it."

    Try sharing your view of "gays" with Muslims and see what type of reaction you receive.

    Your view of Jesus is a view of your own making and not in accordance with truth, as found in Sacred Scripture or as revealed to Christ's one and only true church.

    Do you even remotely believe that your views were held by the early Christians? Have you never heard of the early Church fathers? Do you believe that Catholics are the only ones who oppose sodomy and "gay marriage"?

    Are you unaware that the majority of the world opposes "gay marriage" and that the societies which accept it are in decline?

    You are completely blinded by delusion. It will just be a matter of time before people like you start physically persecuting the Catholic Church, i.e., the true Catholics, not faux Catholics such as you present.

  21. Well, LindseyAlan or VStasey define your terms. What is love? What is compassion? What is hate? Are there absolutes? Or are there absolutely no absolutes?