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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Nabi Sayeth: Blind Trust and Unquestioning Obedience are NOT Virtues!

We are called to be as wise as serpents and as gentle as doves. Evil churchmen can only commit their crimes and sins because of naive and foolish sheep. When the flock accept all kinds of scandalous acts in silence, they become enablers of the evil. It’s time to challenge heresy, irreverence, scandalous liturgies, violation of rights (like attempting to force Communion in the hand), etc. The faithful have a right to the authentic Catholic faith. It’s time to demand it! Share Nabi’s posts with others. Every diocese in the country needs a prophetic voice. Pray that the Lord raises up many Nabis! When we all cry out together, things will begin to change!

Nabi sayeth...BEWARE….If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and swims like a duck, it may not be a duck….it may be a cover up! Those in the Church’s leadership who create cover ups need certain elements to be in place:

1. Unconditional (or complacent/lazy) TRUST. They need dumb, completely trusting sheep. They MUST have people who think at all times and in all situations, “Well, of course what the Cardinal says is true. He’s the Cardinal, a prince of the Church….why would I ever doubt him??”

2. A COMMUNITY of like-minded people. A majority of people who trust the hierarchy and who keep the lone questioning, suspecting sheep in line. After all, who wants to be the odd sheep out?

3. The delegation of trust, especially with regard to monitoring and accountability exclusively to the leadership. An attitude that says, “Whatever the Cardinal/Bishop says must be true, after all, he’s a bishop/Cardinal.” The hierarchy can never be trusted to monitor themselves. Ever. The ”secret” is their friend, your enemy.

4. Unquestioned obedience even when one sees or hears things that “just don’t seem right”: The changing of words in prayers at holy mass by “really cool” priests, never hearing during the sermon any of the Church’s teachings on topics such as abortion or LGBTQ issues, the proposal of needless renovations, are just a few examples of things that should let off bells and whistles in one’s head.

5. The dropping of healthy defenses and suspicions. Predators groom and grooming takes time. They consciously work at winning your trust by lowering your defenses. Uncle Teddy MCCarrick made his victims’ parents proud that he would pick their son to serve at the altar with him. They were honored that he would take their son alone to his New Jersey beach house. Predator clergy take all the time necessary to get the parent’s suspicions and defenses lowered so that they will allow their son to go on a vacation ALONE for a week with the pastor. One clergyman who was promoted to vicar and made a My Lord in the northern region did this several times in the not so distant past. Had he done this today, he would have been suspended IF caught.

6. A very tragic example of blind trust: Father Victor Frobas was appointed chaplain of the Catholic Boy Scouts of West Virginia by former Bishop Hodges. What a title for a priest who just luved boys. Right? This sick, morbid predator raped many unsuspecting children and teens and for many years. He was reported to the bishop. His punishment? He was transferred from parish to parish where his perverted behavior continued. When the heat was turned up he was transferred from diocese to diocese. And yes, all of this was covered up. Big bucks have been paid out to victims by the WV diocese, secretly, with many more yet to be paid.

And now a story of one of the biggest cover ups in WV history…

In the fall of 1986, then Bishop Schulte called an urgent meeting of all Catholic priests in the state. The meeting was to be held at the Minor seminary which the church owned back then at Vienna, WV. No priests were excused for any reason. As the meeting began several actors were at the front of the room near a podium: A middle-aged man in a business suit, a middle-aged clergyman neatly dressed in a clergy suit with French cuffs and Bishop Schulte.

The well-dressed laymen went to the microphone first and introduced himself as the attorney for the Archdiocese of New Orleans. He began by telling the priests, “Gentlemen, as we sit here there is a group of plaintiffs’ attorneys meeting in Dallas. Their sole purpose for meeting is to plan a strategy to sue the Catholic Church over clergy sexual abuse claims.” He painted a scenario that called for a “Circle the wagons”,  “Them vs. Us” strategy so that the Church might survive the imminent barrage of litigation.

Next, the well-dressed clergyman went to the microphone and introduced himself as the canon lawyer for the Archdiocese of New Orleans. He began by telling his audience how much he had loved to take his nephew to the ocean, pick the boy up and toss him into the water. “But”, he lamented, “those days are over.” He told us that clergymen must never hug, hold, kiss or even touch a child again. He pointed out that some children have vivid imaginations and may create things that never happened for attention-seeking purposes. He concluded by saying, “Once you are accused, expect the 60 minutes helicopter to be landing on your Church parking lot within thirty minutes. And even though you may be innocent of the accusations, you will be guilty in the eyes of the public.”

Finally, Bishop Schulte went to the microphone and after thanking his guests made a stunning announcement. He told his audience that on that day he would order his Chancellor, Father Bob Nash, to empty and destroy the contents of every priest’s personnel file. He was doing that because he trusted his priests and wanted to protect them.He thanked the priests for their work and all were dismissed. 

Only the Lord knows what was in those personnel files that much evidence had been destroyed. I would imagine that Schulte was not the only bishop in the country or world who did the same. Stay tuned….


  1. ”The more we see that any action springs not from the motive of obedience, the more evident is it that it is a temptation of the enemy; for when God sends an inspiration, the very first effect of it is to infuse a spirit of docility.”
    --Saint Teresa of Avila, Doctor of the Church

  2. Obedience to anyone or anything that contradicts the Word of God is evil.

  3. We, the laity are not under the vow of obedience such as Religious are. It is clear that some church officials use obedience as a means to control. If a dictate is issued which does not lend light to souls and lead them to salvation and personal holiness, it is not worthy of obedience.

    Popes and saints such as St Pius X, and St Robert Bellarmine would agree with the following:

    Those in power must value and stand for truth.

    When Jethro advised Moses to appoint leaders that can assist him, he told him to select “men who fear God, men of truth, those who hate dishonest gain” (Exod. 18:21). Solomon later described his father David as having served the Lord in “truth and righteousness” (1 Kings 3:6). And when Hezekiah pleaded his case before God, he declared that he had “walked before the Lord in truth” (2 Kings 20:3).

    ... we cannot simply declare based on Romans 13 that all people in authority are so by the will of God or that they are acting in obedience to God. Romans 13 is teaching the broad principle of authority, not endorsing the actions of every person in power. Christians are to be discerning in their obedience to governments and leaders, and evaluate whether obedience to government demands is compatible with faith in God. The true test is to ask whether the actions of governments and government officials are grounded in justice, righteousness, humility, and truth. Nothing, not even concern for our own safety, can justify the neglect or rejection of these fundamental qualities of godly leaders.

    Taken from thoughts on “Blind Obedience? Some Thoughts on Christianity and Government”

    God Bless,


  4. “See God in your superiors; so shall you learn to revere their will and follow their commands. Be well assured that obedience is the safest guide and most faithful interpreter of the Divine Will. Pour out your hearts to them as freely as water, mindful that they are charged with the direction of your souls. . . . Above all, do not be your own master, relying on your own prudence, contrary to the caution of the wise man.”
    --Saint Ignatius, Father of the Church

  5. 13 When [the religious leaders] saw the boldness of Peter and John, and discovered that they were uneducated and ordinary men, they were amazed and recognized these men had been with Jesus.....18 And they called them in and ordered them not to speak or teach at all in the name of Jesus. 19 But Peter and John replied, “WHETHER IT IS RIGHT BEFORE GOD TO OBEY YOU RATHER THAN GOD, YOU DECIDE. 20 for it is impossible for us not to speak about what we have seen and heard.” 21 After threatening them further, they released them, for they could not find how to punish them on account of the people, because they were all praising God for what had happened. 22 For the man, on whom this miraculous sign of healing had been performed, was over forty years old (Acts 4:13-22).

  6. Catholic in Brooklyn - Are we to obey sodomites??! NO! Never! On the other hand, if I were in a position for a sodomite priest to obey me, would he? No! Never. He would do what he always does - disobey. If sodomites don't obey God, they certainly won't obey me...or you unless you are on their side of the equation, which I gather from your blog that you are.

    If you are a "Catholic in search for the truth in a world gone mad" as your blog states, start with Christ Who is Truth. You will never find the truth in the insane madness of the lies of the left.

    BTW - It is not a sin against the Holy Spirit to call for the pope to resign because the Holy Spirit does not elect the pope. Men do. Yep. "The Lord hates one who sows discord." Try not to do that.