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Sunday, September 30, 2018

Nabi Sayeth: Who’s Teaching the Teachers?

As you read the nabi’s post, consider that while priests were receiving horrendous indoctrination in the seminaries, laity attending Catholic colleges were also being indoctrinated in modernism. Today, any student attending a Jesuit college is likely to be exposed to gay pride events, queer film festivals, the V-monologues, etc. Only a handful of Catholic colleges teach the faith in all its glory. The attack on reason by the faith wreckers continues while the attacks on the liturgy magnify the destruction. When you see how often promotion of the gay lifestyle is involved, it is reasonable to assume the lavender mafia is a driving force behind the carnage.

Nabi sayeth: One of the primary duties of a clergyman is to teach. But have you ever wondered who teaches the teachers?  

Of course, the first teachers the future clergymen encounter are their professors at the seminary, often clergymen and sisters.

One clergyman told Nabi about some of the teachers he encountered at seminary:

A required two semester and most important Church History course was taught by a lesbian, ex-sister who was both a radical feminist and pro-abortion. She proudly displayed a NOW poster on her office door. She refused to teach a most important period in the Church’s history known as the period of the Patriarchs (from 2nd c to 8th c AD). Her excuse? “Gentlemen, when the Church lets me teach the matriarchs, I will then begin teaching the Patriarchs….SELF STUDY!”

One ethics professor, a clergyman who taught many of the required moral theology courses had one of the books he authored on the Vatican “forbidden list.”

Another moral theology priest/professor had on his office door a large poster with Italian wording and which poster represented the Italian communist party. At the center of the poster was a large hammer and sickle emblem.

A sociology course was taught by a layman who informed the class, “I don’t know why in the hell they invited me to teach here because I am an atheist Jew…”

An economics course was taught by a blond-haired, blue eyed (SS officer looking) Calvinist Presbyterian who made his distaste for Catholics quite apparent.

So many seminaries hosted like-minded professors. All were infested by the Lavender Mafia members. Some are currently being investigated for rapes and other forms of sexual misconduct such as St. Charles, Philadelphia (the school of FORMER Bishop Bransfield) and St. John 23rd, Weston, Massachusetts (where numerous WV clergymen attended). Some of the seminaries in Rome have been and are currently heavily infested.

An annual educational experience is required to be attended by all of the priests of the diocese and which is held at the pastoral center in Charleston. One clergyman spoke to Nabi about his experience at a “priest convocation”, as they are known, back in May of 1987 when Schulte was bishop. Schulte had invited to speak a very famous and holy priest from the Archdiocese of New York named Father Benedict Groeschel. Father was spiritual director for the priests of NY as well as their resident psychiatrist. He was a regular on EWTN for many years.

He was a sight to behold wearing a full-length monk’s habit and a long grayish beard. 
His topic was “Eucharistic Adoration in the life of the Parish Priest.” His first talk ended up in a revolt by the Lavender crew members who demonstrated their repulsion at Father Groeschel by not showing up for any of his other lectures and demanding that no such type of lecturer be invited to lead their convocation ever again. Tragically, Bishop Schulte caved in to their demand. From that day forward, the leaders of the Lavenders were allowed to select who their teacher would be.

Recently, a My Lord climber who had been selected to speak by the Lavender leadership at the chancery never made it to the party. It seems the FBI got into his way…..

CONCORD, N.H. (Church - A high-ranking priest in New Hampshire has been stripped of his priestly faculties and imprisoned over an embezzlement scandal involving his gay lovers.The diocese of Manchester made the announcement Friday about Edward J. Arsenault III, whose faculties were removed by the Vatican on February 28. The former monsignor is under house arrest for a 2014 conviction for embezzling funds to support his homosexual partners. Arsenault pled guilty to all charges, including writing checks to himself and his brother amounting to $23,000 from the estate of Msgr. John Molan. He also billed the diocese $184,000 for lavish meals, cell phones and computer equipment while he was an aide to Bp. John B. McCormack working in a number of positions in the diocese from 1999 until 2009.

Bishop McCormack came under intense criticism in 2003 when the diocese exploded with a sex abuse scandal involving 83 victims. Arsenault was media spokesman at the time, serving as the public face of the diocese, and working with police and the press. A high-ranking monsignor, he was considered the bishop's right-hand man.

He served in this function until 2009, when he left to head St. Luke's Institute, the notorious treatment facility for clergy and religious battling drug or alcohol addiction as well as sexual misconduct. As the CEO of the institute, he was making $170,000 a year, but continued taking money from a Catholic hospital in Manchester by claiming $104,000 in consulting fees until March 2010.

Saint Luke's has a history of scandal and clashes with the Vatican. Founded in 1981 by openly gay Fr. Michael Peterson, who later died of AIDS, Peterson implemented the theories of Fred Berlin and John Money — two men who were directly influenced by the philosophy of homosexual, pedophile-enabler Alfred C. Kinsey.

Money was notorious for his support of pedophilia and his involvement in the David Reimer case, where he asserted the "theory of gender neutrality." [Editor’s note. Reiner was raised as a girl after a botched circumcision. As a teen, he learned the truth, and discarded the female persona. He later committed suicide. He and his twin brother were abused by Money as he used the boys as guinea pigs for his evil theories.] These theories were used on priests coming to the institute, and involved showing priests pornography while measuring their level of arousal. Priests accused of sexual improprieties — whether the allegations are credible or not — are often sent to St. Luke's or similar treatment facilities for counseling. Some priests refused to comply with their treatments, calling them sinful, while others found them humiliating. At least three priests committed suicide at St. Luke's.  

The questionable techniques were brought to light during the case of Anthony Cipolla, defrocked by Cdl. Donald Wuerl after refusing to undergo treatments and assessments by St. Luke's and later St. John Vianney Center on the grounds that they "derided his faith." Cipolla appealed his laicization to the Vatican, and the Vatican ruled in Cipolla's favor — although Wuerl defied the order to re-instate the priest.An article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from March 21, 1993 claims to have obtained a copy of the Vatican's secret seven-page segnatura that reads: "St. Luke's Institute is a clinic founded by a priest who is openly homosexual and based on a mixed doctrine of Freudian pan-sexualism and behaviorism, is surely not a suitable institution apt to judge rightly about the beliefs and the lifestyle of a Catholic priest."  Saint Luke's recently awarded Cd. Wuerl with its 2016 St. Luke award, characterizing him as "an individual whose professional life or charitable works embody the mission of the organization."Investigations into St. Luke's operations after the arrest did not find any indications of theft, and the institute denied any connection to the former CEO's wrongdoings.  Arsenault has been ordered to make full restitution for his embezzled funds and is up for probation in 2018, but may face an additional two years from a deferred sentence.

Isn’t that SPACIAL??!!

Did your parish clergyman ever tell you and your fellow parishioners this story after his return from the dance?    Stay tuned….


  1. Our parish priest asked us to pray for getting a "NEW BISHOP" - after mass I questioned why do we need a bishop? I questioned that the past 13 years we were lead by a devil. I stated that the hierarchy destroyed the church in Ireland, Australia and in the US. Why do we need frustrated and repressed humans to lead us?
    I said that I wonder if Bransfield is getting fitted for a milestone?