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Saturday, September 29, 2018

Nabi Sayeth: Beware the Lavender Amigos

Nabi sayeth: The cover up and infestation by the Lavender Mafia is deep, thick and has been long-term. Nabi spoke with a clergyman who recalls a particular episode that occurred in 1984 at the seminary of choice for the diocese in WV that will illustrate vividly the cover up games that have been played.

The rector (head priest) at the seminary announced one day an “Emergency rector’s conference” to take place in the conference room at the seminary. As a seminarian, the clergyman thought it must be something significant because “emergency” meetings had never been announced during his time at that seminary.

As expected, the room was filled with the resident seminarians, priest and sister faculty members, and even the librarian.

Seated at the front and center of the room were three upper class men: Paige Blakely from the diocese in St. Petersburg, Charlie Mitchell from the diocese of Orlando, and H. C. from the diocese in WV. The three were inseparable, they “prayed” together, played together, ate together and even had classes together. They were an “item” for sure. 

Seated to their left was the academic dean, Sister Pat Smith. She was quite Lavender-friendly and in a relationship with a lesbian ex-Sister faculty member. 

The rector entered the room and walked up to the microphone at the center. His face was red and he had a noticeable scowl. 

He began to tell the audience that the three friends had been attacked mercilessly in a cowardly, scandalous act of slander. The clergyman had no clue as to when and what this incident was at that time.

After a rather brief monologue, the rector concluded by shouting, “Acting out, whether homosexually or heterosexually is not permitted in a Catholic seminary, and if you don’t like it...GET OUT!” The meeting was dismissed. 

The clergyman went on to tell Nabi, “I had no clue as to the incident that obviously occurred, so I inquired from a couple of seminarians as to what this all meant. I was told that it was the result of a feud between two Lavender cliques. One faction involved seminarians who for their work study money helped out at the seminary print shop, where programs and other types of printed material were produced. The other faction included the three men at the front of the room: H. C., Mitchell and Blakely. The evening before the emergency meeting something ugly occurred at the regularly scheduled ‘community liturgy’. As people filed into the large Romanesque chapel they stopped at a table positioned at the entrance on which were placed a bowl containing pieces of “oatmeal cookie” looking altar bread (used as communion hosts) and a paten in which each participant placed their host for mass. Near the paten was a stack of printed programs containing the names/numbers of hymns, etc. 

Laced in between the words of the hymns were words allegedly describing how H. C., Mitchell and Blakely were performing sex acts on one another.

Not only did residents of the seminary attend the community liturgy, but laity from outside the seminary, including family members of the seminarians and friends as well. ” All who had read their program had been exposed to the filth. It was, indeed, an ugly scandal. After the rectory’s emergency conference the offending parties disappeared, never to be seen in the seminary hallways again. The three friends graduated and were ordained for their dioceses. One of them, however, found himself in significant trouble….

“Paige Blakely, a 68 year old retired Catholic priest of the Diocese of Orlando, has been arrested for engaging in public sex acts at Sleepy Hollow Park in New Smyrna Beach.  Blakely is one of eight men arrested as part of a sting operation by the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office after numerous public complaints about men engaging in various sex acts at two public parks.

This is not Paige Blakely’s first arrest on sex-related charges.  In 2011, the former Pastor at St. Ann’s Catholic Church in DeBary —  who was at the time still working for the Diocese of Orlando in its Tribunal — was among six men charged in a sex sting in a restroom at Ross Point Park in Holly.  Blakely had exposed himself to an undercover cop and allegedly told him he was “trying to experience what it was like,” and that he was trying to get a “thrill” at the same time, police said. He also made a reference to “cruising,” a term men use when looking for gay sex, according to his charging affidavit.  

In response to the 2011 arrest for indecent exposure, the Bishop of the Diocese of Orlando barred Blakely from functioning as a priest, pending the legal outcome of the criminal case against him.   His faculties to serve as a  priest were later permanently removed by the Bishop.  Paige Blakely had also previously served at Catholic Church of the Epiphany in Port Orange.” 8/25/18 Horowitz Law

How do these people get ordained and established in their dioceses? They have unconditional support from their bishops and Lavender chancery members. It’s all one big incestuous farst funded unknowingly by so many good, Holy and TRUSTING people in the pews.   Stay tuned….


  1. Yep. Tell me about it. I'm from Orlando and we wrote (in the Orlando Truth) about both Frs Paige Blakley and Charlie Mitchell. Mitchell has a beach house in New Smyrna Beach with another priest (can't remember if it was Paige Blakley) where - on purpose I'm certain - on the records his last name is misspelled as MITHCHEL, probably so no one looking for his name in records would be able to find it.

    Charlie Mitchell is now, and has been for a long time, Pastor of St Mary Magdalen Catholic Church in Altamonte Springs.

    Below is last week's homily by Fr Mitchell. Note that - even though JESUS SAID that Peter was right and had received his answer from "My Father in Heaven" - FR CHARLIE MITCHELL SAYS Peter was wrong! He also mentions his childhood in West Virginia. Interesting. Hmmmmm ... ..wonder what he and that old guy did in the shack?

    Fr Charlie is gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay. And he is MOST DEFINITELY part of the Lavender Mafia in the Diocese of Orlando.

  2. In case you missed this link in the chain...

  3. Thank you, John Kennedy for the link above. I remember reading the story of that "hospital" in Italy several months ago. I found info online about the clinic in Italian which I had translated by a friend. She said it was a very small neighborhood boutique place people went to for cosmetic surgery.

    Nothing wrong with that, but not a likely beneficiary of millions of Catholic charity money.

    My friend, a non Catholic said it sounded like a way to launder money. A little out of the way neighborhood clinic receiving millions of grant money makes no sense.

    I suspect Werl has never been retired because he keeps the money flowing in from wealthy Americans who are easy enough to trick out of their money.

  4. I checked...Fr Charlie Mitchell and ex-Father Paige Blakely own a house in New Smyrna Beach together. Of course that is not a crime. The crime is that the two of them are still an item after 35 years.

  5. Why is the name of the seminary suppressed?

    Is there any indication that this seminary has improved, stayed the same, or gotten worse in the past 34 years?

    Allen Thrasher