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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Bishops Like This Explain the Mess We're In! For Shame, Bishop Cunningham and Bishop Carlson!

Is this how Bishop Cunningham sees
7-year-old boys?
NY Bishop Rape Shames Abuse Victims: Boys Are ‘Culpable’ For Their Actions At 7 Years Old

Bishop Robert Cunningham is pathetic.

I have several seven-year-old grandchildren or close to that age. They are innocent, trusting, and good. Oh...they're typical kids who sometimes disobey, lie, and talk back or leave messes wherever they go, but they have clean eyes -- unlike some of our bishops. 

No one has introduced them into downright evil. No one has groomed them for pederasty. A bishop who can make a statement like this is truly a man with a sick mind.

Abused children are tricked into their abuse by people whom they trust! That's part of what makes it so unspeakably evil! And then to claim ignorance of the fact that child abuse is a crime like Bishop Robert Carlson did:



If these guys are really so clueless, they are incompetent and shouldn't be bishops.

Did you write to your bishop yet asking him to support an investigation of every diocese in the country at the bishops' upcoming November meeting? It's on my "to-do this week" list!


  1. Did I miss something or was he not asked if he, in present time, considers the sexual abuse of young boys to be wrong?

  2. Some abused children are taught to "come on" to adults by their previous abuser. It is something people who adopt abused children are counseled to be aware of. That does not excuse the predator, who often sees mere desire for affection as a sexucal invitation.

    However, you might enjoy an anecdote from Lt Joe Kenda (AKA Homicide Hunter) on why he retired:

    We were having an exceptionally bad day in the major crimes division. The phones were ringing off the wall. Everybody was yelling at each other. Irate mothers, pissed-off fathers, angry victims, crazed addicts; the lobby was filled with raging lunatics. And I’d run out of detectives.

    I was the lieutenant in charge and one of my units was sex crimes. We had arrested a seventy-year-old man for sexually assaulting his five-year-old grandson. I had nobody to interview him. So I took him.

    I joined the suspect in the interview room and I went straight to the point.

    “What made you touch that little boy?”

    “He came on to me.”

    The next thing I remember was someone tugging hard on my shoulders and arms and a voice saying, “Lieutenant! Lieutenant!”

    They’d pulled me off the grandfather on the floor. I was strangling him. He’d turned blue and just about checked out when they pried my hands from his neck.

    “Get him to Medical and out of my sight,” I said.

    My gut was churning. I went back to my office and took a minute. Then I typed a one-page, one-line, interoffice memorandum to the chief of police. Please accept my retirement request. This was in the winter of 1996.

  3. Excellent article Mary Ann,

    I would say more in an anonymous comment but you know where I stand in all of this. This evil runs deep. Francis said he was considering resigning months ago......nows his time!

    Thanks for all you continue to do........