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Friday, September 28, 2018

School Teaches 6 Year-Old Children to Write Homosexual Love Letters

Educate and Celebrate LGBT members
celebrating corruption of innocent children
Please copy and paste the link below to your browser to see the video (45 seconds) since I cannot find it on YouTube. It belongs to the BBC however is not on their channel either.

The above school is in Warrington, south of Manchester, England. They teach about LGBT relationships and sexual orientation terms BEFORE children have been given general sex education lessons. Parents cannot opt their children out of the LGBT classes because they are part of the mandatory health curriculum.

The curriculum used to teach sodomy to innocent children is Educate and Celebrate, supported by the BBC.

In the video the teacher encourages the children to write a same sex love letter: "You're Prince Henry. You're going to tell Thomas why it's brilliant idea for him to marry you."

Yes, isn't it just brilliant. At the Personal Judgement after God asks her what she did with her life while on Earth, this teacher will say, "I taught sodomy to innocent children, then turned around and persecuted your Church for sodomite activity by the priests. I know that's a double standard, God, but the priests were old enough to know that they shouldn't do that to innocent children."

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  1. Video Available Here. This garbage is required by their law.