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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Barnes and Noble - Leftist Books for Brainwashing Kids Ages 4-8

Barnes and Noble has discovered the old maxim, "Give us a child 'til he's 7 and we'll have him for life"....because kids ages 4 and 5 want to protest, carry signs, "assemble, take action, and create allies", isn't that right?

instance, at age 6, instead of playing Kick the Can, all hot, sweaty and thirsty, didn't we neighborhood kids honestly yearn to make banners, RESIST and BOYCOTT while raising up our fists in the Communist salute? Instead of being wild and free didn't we truly desire to campaign or camp out on Orange Avenue in Downtown Orlando, occupying the front of the old Rialto Theater because the price of admission had been raised from a quarter to 40 cents? We knew it was our right to demonstrate and if we didn't get what we wanted we knew to FILE A LAWSUIT, to organize, persist, STRIKE and MARCH. Dissent! All of us neighborhood ragamuffins longed to become activists instead of teachers, doctors or lawyers. We wanted to be radical feminists instead of wives and mothers. We wanted to change to world...back to Communism and Socialism, poverty, disease and starvation. Didn't we?

Indoctrination no
longer starts in college. Today it starts when a child is four years old, so since we should be activists, let's BOYCOTT BARNES AND NOBLE.

Prager University - Reading with Will


  1. There is a push for all day pre-school which may single/working parents will like but then the seculars/homosexuals can indoctrinate the children at age 3.

  2. That's what it's all about. If you aren't having children of your own, you have to take the children of others!

  3. While I certainly sympathize with the broader point you are making, does this mean that the alternative source for books, taking into account timing, selection, and price, should be...wait for it...Amazon?

    Probably simpler to just not buy the books in question.