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Monday, December 31, 2018

Catholics Under Attack

A news story that may not have caught your attention amid the government shutdown and the lunatic climbing the national Christmas tree reveals another subtle attempt to eliminate Catholicism and its followers from public life.  The link here reveals that a judge from Nebraska is being severely scrutinized by Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee who question his membership in an (HOLD YOUR BREATH!!) all male organization associated with the (LIONS AND TIGERS AND BEARS) Roman Catholic Church.  This link is to a Democrat page that outlines exactly why he should be opposed.  Clearly, it is because he is Catholic, though they don't mention religion specifically.  

I can’t recall any government nominee for anything being questioned about his membership in Freemasonry.  Not a one.  Though, clearly, if you know ANYTHING about Freemasonry, they all should have been. 
This page explains who the Knights are.  At the bottom is a link to a book titled, The Secret Teachings of the Masonic Lodge by Ankerberg and Weldon.   The Knights were founded to prevent Catholic men from being enticed to join this sinister secret society which has been condemned by more than one pope over time in several papal encyclical letters.  Also, at the bottom of this page is a list of other organizations that are worth exploring to familiarize yourself with what they stand for and what they do.  You may be VERY SURPRISED by what you learn.  
In contrast to Freemasonry, the Knights of Columbus carries out its mission by adhering to the teachings of the Catholic Church in all respects.  This page from their website shows that the organization is not afraid to speak in favor of political actions that are in line with the Catechism of the Church, though the mission of the organization is not primarily political.  Freemasonry on the other hand is far less open about their agenda.  They would have you believe their only aim is to hold parades in small towns and fund Shriner’s hospitals for disabled children.  I encourage you to click that book link and read the information  about masonry mentioned there as well as the reader comments left by people who have read it. 
I am proud of this nominee's affiliation with the Knights, but I’m a little troubled by the comment of Judge Buescher as quoted in the Daily Caller article:
“The Knights of Columbus is a Roman Catholic service organization with approximately two million members worldwide,” Buescher wrote in response to Hirono and Harris’ questions. “The organization has a religious and charitable purpose. I joined the Knights of Columbus when I was 18 years old and have been a member ever since. My membership has involved participation in charitable and community events in local Catholic parishes.”

“The Knights of Columbus does not have the authority to take personal political positions on behalf of all of its approximately two million members,” he said elsewhere in his responses."

The Knights do in fact make statements on behalf of the entire organization and they have contributed a lot of funds toward the worthy goal of helping fellow Catholics in need around the world that are in situations of great peril because of totalitarian socialists and other tyrannical leaders.  And it was the Knights of Columbus that proposed adding “under God” to the Pledge of Allegiance.  These actions are above and beyond mere financial aid to the poor. 

 Judge Brian Buescher, member of
the Knights of Columbus 
It may seem to Judge Buescher that his confirmation would speed through if he were to portray the Knights as nothing more than a charity but he must know as clearly as Democrat Kamala Harris knows, that all Knights are called to live their Catholic faith in all respects which includes rejecting same sex marriage and all other disordered behavior and advocating for the end to legalized abortion.  We are at a junction in time where the pussy footing is over.  Making nice with our enemies is not an option.  It is time to BE CATHOLIC and “Be not afraid.”

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