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Friday, December 14, 2018

Fr. Tom Collins and the Conspiracy to Destroy our Republic

As the collusion of Deep State conspirators to destroy Trump and our Republic continues, I cannot help but wonder whether Trump may have remembered an important historical fact – specifically, the genius of the German General von Manstein in the Battle of Kharkov. Just when the Russian General Zhokov thought he was on the verge of crushing the German army, von Manstein executed a brilliant outflanking maneuver, which both destroyed a large portion of the Russian army and regained a lot of lost territory.

Like Zhukov, it seems that all the Deep State conspirators are preparing to complete their overturning of the last Presidential election by decisively destroying Trump politically, personally and financially. But Trump may be setting up his own political version of von Manstein’s military maneuver. By unsealing indictments for their collusion with the Russians, their compromising national security through unsecured e-mail communications, their providing political, legal and media cover for jihadists, gang members, sleeper cells, drug traffickers, human traffickers and other criminals seeking to infiltrate and destroy our Republic, their supporting voter fraud and voter intimidation, their arranging for the sale of 20% of our uranium assets to the Russians and their numerous other crimes, their sale of, automatic weapons to drug cartels, their destruction of government records, etc., Trump
could bring a large portion of the Deep State conspirators before military tribunals for their treasonous efforts to promote the degradation and destruction of our Republic.

Also, Trump could insist that members of Congress be subjected to the same degree of intensive scrutiny, which he has had to endure from the Mueller witch hunt over the past two years. Such scrutiny would necessarily include warrants to seize all their e-mail records and of close family members, their financial records and those of their family members who may have illegally profited from their inside information, any evidence of conspiracy by high tech companies to develop algorithms, which suppress the freedom of speech, and evidence of collusion by academia with violent leftist groups to suppress the freedom of speech of conservatives at our colleges and universities, and the information on the sexual abuse of minors by prominent politicians, judges, business executives and clergy allegedly on Anthony Weiner’s laptop computer.

Is it any wonder then that the Democrat leaders told Trump today that they want to do the nation’s business in private, rather than in an open forum? It seems that their definition of transparency is different from ours. After all, real transparency would undermine their ability and that of their allies to distort the truth and to perpetuate their venerable tradition of character assassination by selective leaks, slander, innuendoes, and tsunamis of vulgarity, vituperation vitriol and violence.

But they should take note. As Hosea 8:7 warned, “When they sow the wind, they will reap the whirlwind.” The special powers, which Congress, in anticipation of a Hillary presidency, gave
to the President in case he/she determines the need to make a declaration of a national emergency, may soon have to be invoked to stem the ongoing infiltration and degradation of our nation by the criminals and foreign agents, who. Assisted by their leftist fifth-column allies, now threaten our sovereignty, our social fabric and the very existence of our Republic. May God have mercy on us and deliver us from evil!

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