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Thursday, December 20, 2018

Satan Demands that All Souls Bow to Him. Those Who Won't Must Be Destroyed!

I received the following email today from the Alliance Defending Freedom, the law firm representing Colorado cake artist, Jack Phillips. Despite winning his case at the Supreme Court for refusing an order for a same sex wedding cake on religious grounds, the intolerant (dare I say satanic) homo/trans juggernaut is determined to destroy him.
So they've set him up with another case. Read about it and understand why I wrote the post I did yesterday about the "mark of the beast." The homo-trannies are absolutely committed to preventing Christians from "buying and selling" unless they convert and embrace the homo-trans agenda. Some, like Jack Phillips, will never bend the knee so they must have their hearts metaphorically ripped out. Pray for him! Oh...and consider a donation to the Alliance Defending Freedom. I'm donating to take advantage of the matching gift! Here's the email. Read it and weep for our poor country. If liberals take over in 2020 we will see a tsunami of persecution!

Dear Mary Ann,

It was a big day for cake artist Jack Phillips: June 26, 2017.

The day the United States Supreme Court agreed to hear Jack’s case.

But while this day set off a year-long battle that would culminate in a big win for Jack at the high court, something else was brewing…

Shortly after the news broke nationwide, Jack’s cakeshop in Colorado—Masterpiece Cakeshop—received a phone call. It wasn’t from a fan congratulating Jack about the news or a reporter calling for an interview. It was a call from a local attorney and LGBT activist.

The attorney called to request a custom cake designed with a pink interior and a blue exterior to reflect and celebrate a gender transition.

The request had all the makings of a setup.

The attorney used a speakerphone and asked Masterpiece’s representative to repeat herself so another person could hear. The timing was also suspect—Jack’s story was all over the news that day.

In the year following that request, Jack received several requests for cakes celebrating Satan, featuring satanic symbols, depicting sexually explicit materials, and promoting marijuana use. As it turns out, at least one of these satanic requests came from that same Colorado attorney.

Does that sound like a coincidence, Mary Ann?

The shop declined all the requested cakes—including the gender-transition one—because they would have expressed messages that violate Jack’s religious beliefs. He serves all customers but doesn’t celebrate all events or express all messages through his custom cakes.

Shortly after Jack’s shop declined the request for the gender-transition cake, however, the attorney filed a complaint with the State of Colorado.

It should’ve ended there.

After all, the Colorado government eventually lost its case against Jack at the Supreme Court. The highest court in the land condemned the state’s anti-religious hostility toward Jack, saying that people of faith like you must always be treated equally and not singled out for punishment.

The government should’ve learned its lesson. It didn’t.

The Colorado government held the complaint for a year. And then, following Jack’s victory at the U.S. Supreme Court this June, the state doubled down on its efforts to punish Jack. The same Colorado commission that targeted Jack the first time is going after him AGAIN.

Thankfully, generous Ministry Friends have taken a stand to support people like Jack. They’ve provided a special $2 million matching grant that will DOUBLE your year-end gift.

When did some government officials start taking away the American dream?

Just two days ago, ADF attorneys were back in court arguing on Jack’s behalf.

It’s hard to believe that it’s come to this.

We’ve now reached a time when some government officials are trying to strip away the American dream and are relentless in their efforts to punish people of faith.

They’re denying you the freedom to say what you want to say. And make a living doing something you love, without sacrificing your deeply held beliefs.

And these opponents of religious freedom are only growing stronger. We are seeing more and more instances of their unwillingness to allow Americans to peacefully live out their faith.

Jack has already suffered a grave injustice for his faith. This second round of attacks is outrageous. Colorado clearly wants to make an example out of Jack, and it won’t stop until he is punished.

Thankfully, through God’s provision and your generous support, Jack was victorious once before. Now, he needs your help once again, Mary Ann.

After we finish with Jack
Phillips we'll get the teacher who
refuses to use the right pronouns.
But it’s not just Jack’s religious freedom at stake—it’s yours too. No one should be punished for living and working consistently with their faith. Defending Freedom is trusting God to provide $10.7 million by December 31 to prepare for the critical battles ahead. And a group of generous ministry friends has provided a special $2 million matching grant that will DOUBLE your year-end gift.

Will you stand with Jack once again and others like him so that ALL Americans can freely live out their faith?

There is no better time than now to make your tax-deductible year-end gift. And because of the matching grant, your gift will be doubled, dollar for dollar, up to $2 million! you for giving generously to defend Jack and others like him. Your gift today will help provide a strong legal defense for their religious freedom—and yours.

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  1. And Jack Phillips isn't the only one. Check out the T-shirt printer who is also under attack for refusing to do shirts for a gay pride parade. ADF is defending him also. It's time to fight back and fight hard!