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Monday, December 17, 2018

Nabi Sayeth: The Chickens Have Come Home to Roost!

Nabi Sayeth: There is an old saying, “The chickens are coming home to roost.”

The idea goes back to Chaucer, though he expressed it rather differently in The Parson’s Tale, around 1390, writing that curses are like “a bird that returns again to his own nest”.
(From World Wide Words)

Nabi had a shock after reading a story about a “catholic” not so funny comedian who recently spoke in a most disrespectful manner about the pope of our beloved Catholic Church:
NEW YORK, December 12, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – A lesbian comedy writer for Late Night with Seth Meyers accused the Pope of being a homophobe for saying that gays should not be priests. 
Observing that early in his papacy, the Pope had been dubbed by the secular press as  “Cool Pope,” comedian Jenny Hagel pointed to a picture of the Pontiff and declared, “Here’s the thing: This guy’s not cool.” 
“This guy is homophobic,” said Hagel, adding, “We should all care about this because the Pope is a world leader who is giving people permission to be prejudiced.” 
“This dude may seem harmless because he’s shuffling around in a white robe,” said Hagel, “but remember:  White robes are the official uniform of people with bad ideas,” an obvious reference to the Klu Klux Klan (KKK). 
And that was not all she had to say. She went on to verbally desecrate the meaning and sacredness of the Precious Blood….This is “the same Church that thinks it’s a good idea for 300 people to drink out of the same cup,” said Hagel as a communion chalice was displayed. “Gross,” added Hagel, to the delight of her applauding audience. “That’s gross!” she reiterated.  

Nabi asketh: How could a person, raised Catholic in a Catholic home evolve into such a vile, mean-spirited hater of the True Faith?

One would have to question if the comedian was ever taught the True Faith. She, like so many, was obviously taught a liberalized, insincere, false and disrespectful version of the True Faith by:

1. Radical-feminist oriented religious sisters at Catholic school or parish C.C.D. programs;

2. Clergy of the Lavender persuasion who either expressed support for homosexual behavior or gave tacit approval by remaining silent on the Catholic Church’s teaching on humans sexuality during homilies, in the confessional or during classes they taught;

3. Bishops of the Lavender persuasion who allowed clergy in their diocese to support or approve of homosexual behavior with tacit or explicit approval;

4. Catholic school teachers at all levels who taught the LGBTQ agenda rather than authentic Catholic teaching on human sexuality.

Nabi Sayeth: It appears that J. Hagel and her ilk have failed to uphold the key theme of the LGBTQ movement….TOLERANCE. She is quick to condemn the leader of the universal Catholic Church. Why is she not tolerant of his beliefs as she expects him to be tolerant of hers?

Because for the members of the LGBTQ movement, tolerance has always been a one-way street. 

My Friends, years of false and confusing personal opinion passed off as authentic Catholic teaching by bishops, the current pope, clergy and laity alike, have brought us to the irreligious cultural milieu in which we find ourselves. The J. Hagels and other filthy-mouthed enemies of decency go about largely unchallenged while they spew forth their venom in massive oral excrements. Sadly, even so called Catholics chuckle and  excuse them as “just being comedians” and as “not to be taken seriously.”

The chickens have, indeed, come home to roost. And as their numbers increase, the pews become increasingly empty each Sunday…..


  1. I've never understood why in the minds of the left, if you disapprove of something they approve somehow the word "phobe" can be added to the category. But the reality is very different. Homosexuality is a mental disease, an obsession with distorted views of sexuality and objectively sinful. There are so many forms of this kind of thing being approved by the disordered views being pushed by the insane that it looks like a satanic explosion. These things are all disorder, immoral, and fundamentally sinful.

  2. Jenny Hagel describes herself as being a Catholic Puerto Rican lesbian, hence the hatred of The Catholic Church and the Pope's latest statement.