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Thursday, December 6, 2018

Re Pope Francis: Is the Tiger Changing His Stripes?

Will the real Pope Francis please stand up!
I have read a number of quotes from the pope's new book about how homosexuals should not enter our seminaries or become priests. Wow! Wonderful words, eh? And, in light of the clergy homosexual abuse crisis, prudent indeed. 

And surprising. We haven't heard this from "who am I to judge" Francis.

As Bishop Rene Gracida asks at his blog, "Could it be that this Pope has experienced a sudden, Pauline conversion on the road to Orthodoxy?"

Hmm?...and again...hmm....?

As my mom always said, "Actions speak louder than words." And remember that Jesus told his followers to do what the pharisees said, but NOT to follow the example of their actions. He also, if you recall, called those same men "hypocrites" and "whitewashed tombs."

So...are Francis' words a legitimate change from his past scandalous promotion of homosexuality or one more example of blowing smoke. Certainly people can change, but they can also lie when it's pragmatic to do so. Cardinal Joseph Bernardin was an expert at speaking with a forked tongue while he undermined the faith. What can a true Catholic think of a bishop who calls Ann Landers on his deathbed and has the gay chorus sing at his wake?

One is tempted, in the face of the pope's ambiguity and the conflict between his words and his actions to ask, "Will the real Pope Francis please stand up."

Read Bishop Gracida's article on his blog. It illustrates the pope's two faces on the issue of homosexuality. Pray to understand the impact of what Pope Francis is doing to deface the chair of Peter that he occupies by the permissive will of God.

And, above all -- Pray for him! And for our beloved Church and those who are in danger of losing the faith over the scandals and evils afflicting the Bride of Christ!


  1. No change of stripes , just part of the communist playbook.
    Thesis vs antithesis = synthesis

  2. The words he spoke are totally inconsistent with his awarding the Red Hat to gay sympathetic characters like Tobin and Cupich.
    Every once in awhile he steps back from the cliff but then he goes back to being the same old Bergoglio. Judge his actions, not his words.

  3. Bergie has no stripes. He's a blank panther - the Oakland CA 60s variety of Newton and Seale. Maybe he'll convert like David Horowitz did.

  4. The mistake many made, including Catholic bishop August von Galen, was assuming Hitler could not possibly know what the SS was doing. Here, we must not allow ourselves to be lulled into thinking the man at the top is the least bit unsure of the agenda. Francis's job is to dilute the Christian faith to the point it is compatible with ALL OTHER "religious traditions." AS IF!!!!! Christianity were one faith among many.

    No "New World Order" can succeed until all "churches" can also be friends and get along without competing beliefs.

    A totally demonic concept, in my humble opinion.

    Francis may say no queer clergy now, but he may think the time is simply not right for it. Get queer couples accepted in the pews 1st through Fr. Martin, and work on the priesthood in a few more decades.

  5. I believe the method of the Modernist is to change the meaning of language.

    Don’t go to the trouble of changing text. Keep the text, change it’s meaning.

    Speak orthodox words. Perform heretical actions. Orthodoxy = Heresy in practice.

    Make every Catholic complicit by demanding obedience to the clear textual requirements that now have a new practical meaning.

    Declare as disobedient heretics those who retain the traditional meaning of words and text.