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Saturday, December 1, 2018

Nabi Sayeth: Shock of Shocks! How Shocked Are We at This Point?

Feds raid Galveston-Houston Chancery!
Nabi Sayeth: Oh shock of shocks, it would seem. I refer to a tragic incident that happened on Wednesday, November 28 in Houston Texas. More than 50 members of various law enforcement agencies raided the offices of Cardinal DiNardo, president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Here’s a report from the local Houston media:
“I am a lay Catholic myself, but today I stand here as a district attorney of Montgomery County," Ligon said. "This is not a search warrant against the Catholic Church, but this search warrant is to review files that belonged to a defendant." 
The morning search came as Cardinal Daniel DiNardo — who is currently serving as president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops — pledged a new era of transparency in the investigation of priest abuse allegations dating as far back as the 1950s. 
"This archdiocese takes every allegation of wrongdoing brought to our attention seriously and is fully cooperating — and will cooperate — with any and all investigations related to the clergy abuse of minors," DiNardo wrote in an opinion column in Tuesday's Houston Chronicle. "We recognize the only way to resolve the abuse crisis and restore trust with the faithful is to address any and all accusations of abuse squarely and transparently." 
The search on San Jacinto Street began around 9:30 a.m. and continued through the afternoon, with at least two boxes of evidence carried out. 
Standing outside the church as about 60 law enforcement officials — including unspecified federal agents — searched inside, Ligon expressed trust in DiNardo's vow of transparency but said his confidence has limits, even as the archdiocese prepares to release the names of priests deemed to have been credibly accused. 
Ligon told reporters that "the Catholic Church has cooperated to a degree."
"Even if DiNardo is cooperative, the people working for him may not," Ligon said. "He can be transparent all he wants, but what he doesn't know, he doesn't know. I'm born suspicious as hell. I assume people are going to lie to me and not tell the truth."
(Nicole Hensley and Samantha Ketterer November 28, 2018)
Nabi Asketh: Would this story be any more egregious if one were to replace the name “DiNardo” with “El Chapo” or “Al Capone”? That the head of the United States Catholic Bishops would allow the sexual abuse crisis in his own diocese to deteriorate to such depths is just, plain shocking!

The fallout from this story will be much greater than what appears in Wednesday’s headlines of the Houston Chronicle….

The lack of trust in the hierarchy that already exists will only increase as more and more police “raids” take place. 

The Separation Clause of the U.S. Constitution which has been, heretofore, a “friend” of all Churches, especially the Catholic Church, will be increasingly challenged by courts at all levels.
The bishops have dealt with the sexual abuse crisis as businessmen, CEO’s of corporations, relying on their public relations spokespersons and lawyers to dig them out of holes into which they have fallen. As the result we can expect them to be dealt with by the legal system as risks to society and worse, as criminals. 

The bishop’s cover from various and sundry politicians and law enforcement officials will end with a thud. Out of concern for their own hides they are and will continue to distance themselves from the threat they fear to their careers posed by their identification with “corrupt” bishops. 

We can expect RICO statutes (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) to be used by law enforcement as they respond to the cover-ups. Are criminal convictions and imprisonment beyond the realm of possibility in time? 

We can expect lukewarm Catholics to continue to exit Church pews. The Church has already lost the majority of millennials. 

Vocations will continue to decline. 

And while the incidences of child sexual abuse (pedophilia) have significantly declined, clergy sexual abuse of late teen and young adult males (ephebophilia) continues. 

Have the bishops forgotten that Our Lord gave His life for this Church? Does this Truth not demand that they do their very best, and sacrificially so, to keep His Body Holy and undefiled?

Nabi Sayeth: Woe unto the bad shepherds…..may they repent with truly contrite hearts before it is too late…

1. Woe to the shepherds who destroy and scatter the flock of my pasture

2. Therefore, thus says the LORD, the God of Israel, against the shepherds who shepherd my people: You have scattered my sheep and driven them away. You have not cared for them, but I will take care to punish your evil deeds. (Jeremiah 23:1-2)


  1. The reason I am struggling to keep some semblance of faith to this religion is the lack of transparency that has existed for centuries. Why is law enforcement the organ that provides us Catholics with transparency? The religion has been in existence for over 2000 years and we have come to an outside agent as the vindicator. I have no faith in a pope, cardinal or bishop in this religion. I find a priest who preaches the gospel and that is my source. I only give money to a local parish and I absolutely will not worship in a church lead by one of these misguided narcissistic charlatans. The funny thing now is we have a new wave of defections from this once mighty but corrupt faith and the boys in the bubble do not see it or even care. Numbers and money have fallen but these pompous apostle continue to sing kumbaya.

  2. I think a good antidote to discouragement it to read Church history. I have a book called Vicars of Christ: a History of the Popes by Charles Coulombe. Whenever I'm tempted to give it all up I read about the bad popes. Warren Carroll said Alexander VI, one of the Borgias, is probably the worst. He likely gained the papal throne by simony. The people wildly celebrated his election. (Hmmm....Why does that remind me of our current pope?) He chose the name Alexander saying, "I shall be named after the unconquerable Alexander [the Great}." Nothing like humility!

    The pope had a married mistress and fathered four children by her among them the notorious Lucrezia. There were rumors of orgies and incest at the Vatican. At this distance it's hard to sort fact from fiction, but he was anything but a moral man. And he had plenty of company.

    The election of John XII (955-964) was arranged in advance (deja vu again?) The Lateran Palace was considered a brothel during his time and he was a proponent of diversity -- in sex -- with numerous partners both male and female. Goodness! What we're seeing today is not new. Whoddu thunk it?

    At any rate -- never lose the faith. Napoleon thought he could destroy the Church. Here's what Cardinal Ercole Consalvi said to him when he threatened to crush her. "If in 1,800 years we clergy have failed to destroy the Church, do you really think that you'll be able to do it?" Of course not! The laity need to keep the faith in season and out no matter what evil men in the clergy do. Find the good ones and pray and fast for all. Our suffering may save many of these evil men from hell fire and hopefully make saints of us in the process.

  3. Thanks Mary Ann for the response have a great ADVENT SEASON. I thoroughly enjoy the blog.

  4. And the same to you. I just read a suggestion to read a chapter of Luke (24 chapters) for each day of Advent. Seems like a great suggestions so I'm all in. I love Advent. Putting up the Advent wreath yesterday was such a comfort in what's a season of suffering for our family. But "I know that my Redeemer lives!" Jesus, I trust in You. A blessed Advent to all my readers.

  5. "Separation clause" of the Constitution.

    Since it does not exist, it isn't going to help anyone.

  6. The "establishment" clause is sometime's paraphrased as the "separation" clause....