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Monday, December 3, 2018

Nabi Sayeth: It's Not About the Money...Is It?

Nabi Sayeth: As the diocese of Santa Fe became the most recent to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, the Archbishop of San Francisco released a staggering report at a town hall style meeting at St. Stephen Catholic Church:

“The Catholic diocese in San Francisco has settled roughly $87 million worth of sex abuse cases against priests and others associated with the church, mostly in the last 15 years, according to Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone.

The archbishop divulged the eye-popping figure during a series of town hall meetings held to address the sexual abuse of minors in the local Catholic Church on the heels of a grand jury report in Pennsylvania that found hundreds of priest had molested at least 1,000 children in that region….

In October, a law firm named 135 priests linked to the Catholic diocese in San Francisco who have been accused of sexual abuse. Cordileone has not released such a list, though the archbishop was expected to decide whether to name priests who have been credibly accused by the end of November.”

And his summation of it all???....
“To me this is the deepest betrayal imaginable,” Cordileone said. “I can’t express adequately the deepest shame for you, our victims, and for what has been done to you, and for those in positions of authority who did not respond responsibly but rather allowed abusive priests to continue unchecked.” 
“Cordileone claimed there had not been a reported incident of the sexual abuse of a minor in the Archdiocese of San Francisco since 2000. 
“We did have a close call in the year 2011,”Cordileone said. “There was a priest serving here from another diocese who made advances to a young man who was just shy of his 18th birthday. The father was nearby and intervened so thankfully the abuse didn’t happen, but that priest has been removed from ministry.”(San Francisco Examiner by Michael Barba11/27/18)
Nabi Asketh: In all of the his talk about betrayal, shame and neglect by members of the hierarchy we did not read one word about the spiritual bankruptcy that exists, and especially, the effects of mortal sin!

And while the sinful pot is simmering on the west coast, sin continues its metastatic rot on the east coast….
“A 2012 investigation at the Connecticut seminary found evidence of a homosexual network that extended into several dioceses, and despite its findings, some of those involved were subsequently ordained to the priesthood.” 
According to the 2012 report’s disturbing conclusions, the homosexual activity at Holy Apostles (seminary) took place in the context of a much wider homosexual network that spanned a number of U.S. dioceses as well as some foreign countries. The network reportedly involved homosexual activity between seminarians, transitional deacons and visiting priests serving elsewhere. 
Sources also told the Catholic News Register that the Archdiocese of Hartford ordained a priest in 2010 who had allegedly previously been expelled from another seminary for sexual misconduct. This priest was figured in Holy Apostles’ investigation and was, according to the investigation’s final report, “directly involved in hosting parties and engaging in unacceptable behavior/homosexual activity with select seminarians from both the Diocese of Paterson and the Archdiocese of Hartford.”(Thomas Wehner, National Catholic Register 11/29/18)
Nabi Asketh: Where are the bishops? Where is the supervision, the monitoring?…..Where is ANY statement regarding the presence of mortal sin???

And so, my Dear Friends, the beat goes on in a seemingly endless cycle: Homosexuals accepted to seminaries, homosexuals ordained, sexual predation of our young by homosexual priests, scandals erupt, monetary settlements abound, disillusioned laity, and they keep accepting the future predators into the seminaries  and ordaining them…..Now do you know why they are called The Lavender Mafia? Lord, save Your people!


  1. I have several questions.
    1. When it says the diocese paid out $87 million, how can we know how many victims there were? Did each receive 1 million or ten? Or were there hundreds, maybe thousands of victims each getting smaller amounts. How ever you slice this pie, it is awful.
    2. When a diocese is bankrupt, what does tha mean? Staff is layed off? Contractors don't get paid? Charities don't receive donations? Seems the only ones to benefit are victims and the only ones to suffer are those who had nothing to do with it. (Knowing that lawyers are getting a whopping big share of this. No victim is representing himself. And the diocese is not without its own attorneys.)
    3. Where does a diocese get $87 million dollars? How do they come up with these fantastic sums of money to pay settlements when all we hear is how strapped for funds they are and can we please give more.

    Please, Nabi, help me understand this.

  2. I am trying to educate myself better with the internal monetary spendings in our area churches. Like Chriss says, where does that astonishing amount of money come from? Why should we pay for that? It’s rediculous that this is so out of control. I still say plant undercover officers in the seminary and keep a closer eye on the corruption.