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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Nabi Sayeth: Where Did It All Begin?

Nabi Sayeth: After the sting to the heart and mind caused by the release of the sexual abuse report by the Pennsylvania grand jury, thoughtful people of faith are asking a most important question: How did it get this way?

This question is a most important one because it would seem that if we could get at the root cause of such a sickening scandal that perhaps faithful Catholics could attack the problem there and uproot the problem at its source.

My Friends, look no further than the candidates for seminary and the seminaries to which they are sent.

What kind of man applies to the seminary?

There are two basic types. On one hand, there are good decent men who, more often than not, are “second career” men. They may have served in the military or worked what they initially thought was a meaningful job only to realize that the secular world was not providing an answer to a calling they felt deeply inside. They were truly being called by our Lord “to something more.”

On the other hand, there were men who had a deep narcissistic core. Because of this core, they were conflicted. They were looking not for fulfillment, but rather, “happiness”. Security, attention, material satisfaction and “luv” motivated them to look into a Church vocation. Underneath it all was an addiction to sex rooted in a same-gender attraction. Usually, they were sought out by a homosexual parish priest whom they encountered and the “recruitment” process began.

Eventually, as with all candidates, they were encouraged to apply to be a seminary candidate during which time they went through an interview, completed numerous psychological tests, a physical exam and filled out an application including the submitting of numerous “letters of recommendation.”
In many dioceses where there are homosexual clergy cliques, getting accepted based on the recommendation of a homosexual pastor and bishop, made the process a “done deal.” The candidate would then be sent to a homosexual-friendly school to “discern” his vocation. And it is there that any proclivity towards the “gay” lifestyle would be identified, affirmed and supported by faculty and other students. 

One young former seminarian described his experience at St. Charles seminary in Pennsylvania, the same school that FORMER bishop Bransfield attended:
“One night, an older seminarian knocked on my door and asked to come in. I let him in, and he told me he wanted to talk. He was concerned about me, and how I was keeping to myself. I told him that I was struggling with seminary, and he told me that he was struggling too. Then the conversation took a disturbing turn. He asked me if I ever masturbated. I was shocked and frankly appalled that he would ask me about my own experiences of chastity. He then told me that he struggled with masturbation and pornography. He kept asking if I masturbated, how I did it, what pornography I was into and creepier questions. Frightened, I told him to leave. He then slouched in my chair, showing off his erection. I yelled at him to leave; he quickly apologized and left. I reported the incident to the neighboring seminarian who told me that this seminarian did similar things with my classmates. We all reported him to the Dean of Men, and he was expelled.” 
“On Presidents' Day weekend, a seminarian in the theology division invited me, along with his clique, to his house for the long weekend. Since I did not make friends there easily, I accepted the invite, hoping it would help me socially. On entering his house, I was pressured numerous times to drink alcohol, even though I was only 18. After repeatedly telling him no, he told me that I couldn't stay at his house if I didn't drink. Eventually, I gave in.” 
“I drank some sort of strange alcohol he claimed was from the Canary Islands. After I drank it, my throat burned and I ended up becoming heavily disoriented. As the night continued, I saw seminarians drink until they vomited, cuddle with one another and smoke. I went outside for fresh air, and one seminarian followed me. As I was talking to my mother on the phone, he groped me. I yelled at him and pushed him off. The rest of the night was filled with more alcohol and inappropriate "games." At some point, I fell asleep, and I woke up in a chair to find these seminarians sleeping in each other's arms. I called a cab and went back to the seminary alone.”(By J.M. And reported by Church Militant8/9/18)
Father Robert Altier spoke about his seminary experience in a homily he delivered in response to the release of the Pennsylvania grand jury report:
“When I was in the seminary, it was one of the worst seminaries in the nation. 1983 is when our seminary was at its absolute worst; I started in ‘85. It was getting slightly better. But these people were so arrogant. I should point out when I was in the seminary if you were not homosexual or a radical feminist you were in big trouble. One of the professors actually was arrogant enough to stand up in front of the class and say “Martin Luther had the right idea, but he did it the wrong way – he left the Church. You can’t change the Church from the outside you can only change it from the inside, so we’re not leaving.” 
So, these are people with an agenda.” 
“Go back to when I was in college seminary. I was having a conversation with another seminarian, in the midst of the conversation he looked at me and said would you ever consider taking a shower in the women’s locker room? I said certainly not. He said well why not? I said well the temptations and the problems… and he said you’re right, now you know what I have to go through when I go into a men’s locker room. I thought oh my goodness…yuck. This is why the Church says even for these good men who are struggling and trying to overcome this, we don’t want to put them in a point of temptation.”
(August 19, 2018 homily given at the Church ofSt. Raphael in Crystal, Minnesota by Fr. Robert Altier)
Nabi Sayeth: Please remember: The problem within the Catholic priesthood is not one of Pedophilia, Pedphilia, Pedophilia, as the hierarchy has deceptively professed to us over and over again. The sexual abuse of children constitutes only a small percentage of sexual abuse cases. The problem is the homosexual predation of teen boys and young adult males. Most of the victims have entered their eighteenth year of life and are, therefore, “legal” in the eyes of the hierarchy and the predators who seduce them into homosexual acts.

Nabi Asketh: What can YOU do to change this self-perpetuating, incestuous, “Good ole boys” clique?

  1. Good, faithful members of the Catholic laity who embrace the Church’s teaching on homosexuality must speak out and stand up. Only laity whose minds  are not polluted by the scumish, business as usual thinking of the Lavender clergy have the ability to “call a spade a spade”.
  2. Bishops must be forced to investigate the seminaries to which they send their candidates WITH THE ACTIVE INVOLVEMENT OF THE LAITY.
  3. According to the mandates of Popes Benedict and Francis, HOMOSEXUALS MUST NEVER AGAIN BE ALLOWED TO ENTER THE SEMINARY.
  4. Pray for conversion and REMEMBER TO VOTE WITH YOUR POCKETBOOK, WALLET or CHECKBOOK. Bishops/Seminaries depend on your financial support. Cut off their water spigot and they will listen.
Nabi Sayeth: My Friends the sexual abuse crisis will not fix itself. The hierarchy cannot be trusted to do it without the assistance and oversight of the laity. It is most unfortunate that the laity must be asked to cleanse and police the ministry of the Church. But is not the Body of Christ here on earth worth it?

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