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Saturday, December 22, 2018

Homosexuality is Disordered and Can Lead to Depraved and Demonic Behavior... this story about Boise Catholic priest, Father W. Thomas Faucher, illustrates.

Boise priest who lived in ‘world of Satanism and pornography’ sentenced to 25 years in prison

This is exactly why NO man with homosexual inclinations should EVER be allowed to enter the seminary and be ordained...whether he's acted on it or not! It puts these men in a continual occasion of sin. They have frequent contact with altar boys, young teens in the parish youth group, fellow priests and seminarians. It is just asking for trouble and guaranteed to bring it on with many of them as the clergy sex abuse crisis shows. It's time to stop the insanity and make it clear that ONLY men who would make good husbands and fathers should be ordained to the priesthood.

Fr. Faucher may be an extreme case, but just think... he never physically abused a child. He just enjoyed viewing their abuse and fantasizing about abusing and killing them. 

It's time to get real about the danger of homosexuality. It is a disordered inclination to a serious moral evil that perverts the mind and the heart. It also makes people insane especially the liberal left who never met a perversion they couldn't applaud unless it was practiced by Catholic priests.

Which leads me to this observation. 

Have you noticed the stories about eleven-year-old "Desmond is Amazing" featured on the news. The latest is a story about him dancing provocatively at a gay club while half-naked men in the audience threw money at him. Excuse me, but this sounds like child porn live among a bunch of pedophiles!

Good Morning America (GMA) celebrated this poor child's obsession recently, talking about how great it is that he can just be himself! (His mom recently said he's autistic and has trouble relating to people. So this is her answer? Make him fodder for gay abuse?)

The video below, his appearance on Good Morning America, is incredibly disturbing from the moment he walks down the runway with a sexual sashay letting his fur slip off his shoulder like a strip "tease." I wondered whether we were going to see it go farther when he lay down on the floor.
Maybe they'll wait until he's twelve to have him strip to a g-string!

What child wouldn't love all this attention?

Note the dad at the beginning of the video -- talk about a hen-pecked husband! He looks uncomfortable with the drifting eyes. What kind of father allows this? Pray for these parents who are abusing and exploiting their poor little boy. 

Even liberals and the gay community are finding the gay bar event problematic. Although for some it may be a pose. After all, in the book After the Ball, the authors talked about hiding the worst of the homosexual lifestyle to advance the agenda. And "chicken hawks" who go after the "chickens" are very much part of the lifestyle!

Now imagine this scenario. A group of Catholic priests decide to have live entertainment for their Christmas party and invite Desmond to dance for them while they throw money at him. What do you think Good Morning America or any other media outlet would do with that?

So how come it's okay when it goes on in a gay bar with a bunch of non-clerical homosexuals?

Pray for poor little Desmond. There is nothing brave or beautiful or "trailblazing" about the exploitation of children for the entertainment of grown men's lust! And to see the audience on GMA laughing and cheering this abuse makes me think of what it must have been like in Sodom and Gomorrah before fire fell from the heavens! 


  1. This is the plutocrat playbook. While not as overt, they also threw dollars and plaudits at girls who scorn the role of motherhood. And they are now whooping it up over women who shout their abortion.

  2. This reminds me of the scene from the musical "Gypsy" when Mama Rose puts her daughter on the burlesque stage. Herbie, the father figure in the show can't legally stop it but he leaves Rose forever. This poor kid's father is apparently just sitting there letting this all happen.

  3. I think it's a metaphor for our age, Dymphna. So many fathers have abandoned their children, particularly their sons. The results are a catastrophe.