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Saturday, December 1, 2018

Brain Death is a Fraud

They can only take major organs from LIVING patients. It's the organ harvesting that kills them. When they take your heart, you're dead!

19-Year-Old Recovers as Doctors Start to Harvest Her Organs

Three years ago the Catholic Media Coalition held a two-day conference to educate people on the transformation of end of life and palliative care from protecting and preserving life to hastening death to save money. Here's my introductory talk at that meeting and links to the other talks. 

If you have a loved one nearing the end of life, you absolutely need to watch these videos. I recently attended a session with a social worker and nurse at the assisted living where my sister moved after a fall. They brought up the MOST form which is discussed in the video. I had already spoken to my sister about end of life issues so she totally backed me up (I'm her power of attorney) when I said she absolutely wanted a ventilator if she needed one, (She has problems with recurring bronchitis and pneumonia.), antibiotics, nutrition and hydration even by tube feeding, etc.

The Catholic nurse was totally supportive of our responses. There was no pressure. The social worker appeared to be just doing her job. Unfortunately, as time goes on and the number of elderly increases the pressure to make the "right" decisions will bring in the thumb-screw tactics and already many hospital committees are overruling family and declaring ordinary care as "futile." As the pro-life community predicted almost fifty years ago, the push for euthanasia is in full tilt. If they can't get you to agree to active euthanasia by assisted suicide, they will try to get you by neglect and over-medication. Obviously, not everyone in the health care industry is on board, but just as persecution is occurring against those who resist gender ideology, persecution against those who resist the death peddlers will increase. Pray and defend life! Speak the truth in season and out of season. 

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