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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Nabi Sayeth: Root of the Abuse Crisis is the Gay Clergy "Lobby"

Nabi Sayeth: The most important issue facing the Catholic Church in the United States is the sexual abuse scandal. Tragically the hierarchy’s attempts at dealing with the issue resemble the machinations of members of the U.S. Congress towards controversial legislative issues. Why are the bishops so conflicted? Why are they so slow to act? Why are so few bishops FINALLY speaking out with regard to what is at the root of the issue?
“WASHINGTON — The recent sex-abuse scandals that have rocked the Church in the United States and beyond have mostly focused on the abuse of minors. At the same time, many recent revelations and allegations, as in the case of Archbishop Theodore McCarrick, have involved the sexual abuse or harassment of adults.How the Church deals with clerical sexual misconduct when it does not involve minors remains a thorny issue, but an increasingly urgent one. Independent investigations are currently underway by local bishops to examine allegations of serious sexual misconduct in seminaries in Boston, Philadelphia and Newark."
(Ed Condon, CNA 12/10/18)
And what is at the root of the issue? One recently retired clergyman spoke about it quite matter of factly....
The Archbishop Emeritus of La Plata, Hector Aguer, has said that some dioceses have a “high” proportion of gay clergy who constitute a “kind of lobby”. 
He cited Pope Francis saying that homosexuality had become “fashionable” and that this mentality had also entered the Church.

“The Pope has touched a key point, which did not used to be talked about,” he said. “I can assure you that, in some dioceses, the percentage of homosexual priests is high, and that they usually cover for each other; they do not come out of the closet … they constitute a kind of lodge or lobby, even those who are ‘non-practising’.” 
“Well: choosing candidates for the priesthood with full male integrity is an obligation of the Church; otherwise the sense of celibacy is being put at risk.”
(Catholic Herald 12/10/18)
The test case for understanding why the hierarchy is so embarrassingly slow to act is the Uncle Teddy McCarrick scandal. How did he, the notorious sexual predator, get by with his sinfully perverted behavior unscathed for so many years?

1. He had a network of high-ranking supporters within the clergy from numerous dioceses including New York, Metuchen, Patterson, and finally, Washington, D.C. As he climbed the hierarchical ladder and became a “king maker”, more and more influential clergy began to kiss his ring, bend the knee and look the other way as they learned of his predatory sins.

2. He was heavily supported by high-ranking members of the powerful Vatican Lavender Lobby. He had a “fix” that extended all the way to the top.

3. He had political and legal support from “Catholic” government and law enforcement officials.

4. Well-healed laity garnered his attention and approbation.

5. Scores of laity, especially lay chancery workers, who looked the other way.

Nabi Sayeth: To understand the reason that the hierarchy just can’t seem to fix the problem of the clergy’s sexual abuse of teen and young adult males, look no further than the Lavender members who are members of the hierarchy and its underlings.

Jesus words in Matthew 6:24 cast a judgment upon them all: “No one can serve two masters. He will either hate one and love the other, or be devoted to one and despise the other. “

If we are going to see justice, the house must be antiseptically cleaned. Only the laity will have the clear sightedness and purity of heart to lead such an effort. May the Lord’s work be done!


  1. I do not doubt that McCarrick is guilty, but he has not been found officially guilty by any civil authority. One Cardinal has officially been found guilty, and not of sexually abusing grown men but of little choir boys, found guilty by an Australian jury. That is Cardinal George Pell. Conservative Catholic media has been trying to cover for the Cardinal by saying he is the victim of a witch hunt because he tried to clean up the Vatican.

    What say you?

    Mary Ann, even if you don’t publish my comment because of your animus towards me, you really need to address the Pell situation or you have no credibility, You need to call out all abusers, not just those you hate, but even the ones you support.

  2. I don’t follow your logic, Mary.

    As for hating anyone or having some “animus” toward you, that is a rash judgment which, by the way, is a sin according to the 8th Commandment.

    By the way do you hate Cardinal Burke, Fr. Z, Archbishop Vigano, Mike Voris, me, and all the other bishops and laity you condemn so frequently on your blog?