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Monday, March 14, 2011

Baby Joseph Liberated from Death Peddlars in Canada!

Sometimes the death dealers don't win! Little Baby Joseph is safe now at Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center in St. Louis. Praise God!

See more about the rescue mission here and here.

For background go here and here.

And if you were one of those praying and contacting Canadian authorities to release Baby Joseph, may God reward you. Actually, I think he already did.


Jen Smith said...

I thought the parents' original wish was to take the baby home to die in the comfort of his own family? I can support that decision. How is keeping the baby on life support indefinitely at another hospital the right thing to do? How long are Priests for Life going to pick up the tab? Since the family are not US citizens, are taxpayers eventually going to pick up the bill for this child? Is the family in the US legally? I thought everyone agreed that the child has a progressive neurological condition that can not be reversed. How is prolonging his life by letting a machine breathe for him supporting a "natural death?" Are we ready to give the same amnesty to a Mexican child whose mother crosses the border to secure better health care for her baby?

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

You are drawing a lot of conclusions about what the hospital is going to do and who is paying for the care. I don't expect the parents are planning on "keeping the baby on life support indefinitely." Presumably the hospital is assessing the situation and perhaps they will simply do the tracheotamy and send the baby home.

It was impossible to do that in Canada since the hospital had decided the baby's life wasn't worth living and refused the simple treatment that would allow him to breathe on his own.

There are plenty of situations where seriously ill children from other countries are brought here for treatment and then return home.

Jen Smith said...

I am not drawing conclusions, I am asking the questions. It has been published that they have tried several times to see if he can breathe on his own and he has failed every test and reverted to using the ventilator. If indeed the plan is to place a tracheostomy tube, without mechanical ventilation, then most likely the baby will die in the hospital in the US. Which doesn't seem much different to me than dying in a hospital in Canada. Or perhaps the plan is to ventilate him to transport home and then remove the ventilator? If that's the case and PfL feel that is a good use of their funds... more power to them.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Their other child with the same condition lived eight months after the tracheotomy. I am still baffled by the hospital's refusal to do what is a relatively simple procedure that several doctors said should have been months ago.