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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Beautiful Conversion Story for Ash Wednesday: Pray, Fast, Give Alms, and Share Your Faith!

My Friend Art sent this (Thanks, Art!) and I could almost feel this lovely woman's heart leap in her breast like the little John the Baptist leaping in Elizabeth's womb. That's what being touched by the Holy Spirit does. I'm rejoicing in this woman's faith today and asking God to increase mine that I might run to do His holy will. Are you excited about your faith? Pray this Lent to have a spirit of joy at being a Catholic. We are so blessed to have the fullness of the faith. And pray for our Protestant brothers and sisters to come home. It's what Jesus prayed for when He asked the Father that all might be one.



by Terry Fenwick

It is exciting to have found the Catholic Church before I died – almost missed it because I was 70 – almost 71 - in 2003 on that morning of February 2nd, when we, my husband, Tom, and I first went to a Mass and said, “We want to be Catholics!” We knew that day – both at the same moment. What a joy for two very sound Christian Protestants – Bible Study people – to have ‘finally’ found, in one single minute, that one piece we had always missed! The piece we found was the beauty of the fullness of the worship in the Mass.

Now, here I am – 73 almost 74. Older by the second – that is the way it happens – and so much to do. So many places to go, so many people to tell, so many things to read, so many things to study, so many Saints to get to know, so many things to write, so many things to pray for so many people – yet not enough time and surely not enough energy left.

Who will run the streets for me? Who will run out and say, “The Catholics were right all the time!” Who will run about and say, “They DON’T worship Mary! They love the Mother of God, the Blessed Virgin Mary but they don’t worship her!” Who will say to those who need to know, “They DON’T worship the Saints! No! They ask them to pray for them because they are with the Lord and they are part of a huge prayer group in the heavens.” Who will tell people that? Who will love these wonderful Protestants who love God and worship Him but don’t know about the Eucharist and who will tell them, “Read John 6 again! No!!!! Read John 6 again and again! See what it says! See what Jesus said? Don’t be those who leave Jesus when he says that without eating his body and drinking his blood you will have no part of me!” Who will say that to the hundreds who need to know? Who will love them enough to tell them the Truth?

Who will stand in line at the market and tell them, “I am a new Catholic and I love Confession. I just love Confession. Let me tell you how wonderful it is to go into a little brown box – almost crawl into the box with the heaviness of sins - and many other things that have just not been right - and come out almost floating because you left the sins with the Lord and had the witness of a priest who, after hearing our confession for God, said, “I absolve you of your sins.’” Who will do that for me? Who will do that for God for me? Who can make sure they know that it was God who forgave the sin – not the Priest. Who will tell them, “The Catholics believe only God can forgive sins!” Who will remember to tell them that? Will you?

Who will do it for me? I hear my body say, “Almost time to fold your tent, little lady. Almost time to fold your tent.” I have been ready to do that since 1971 when I first met the Savior but now that I am Catholic I have so much to do. Are there a few people who will say for me, “Let me run the streets for you, Terry! Let me be the one who says, ‘They were right all the time! The Catholic Church was the Church Jesus started – the only Church started by Jesus – with all the other churches started by a man with a name other than Jesus. It is the pillar and foundation of TRUTH.’”
Who will go for me? Will you?

Terry Fenwick
March 30, 2006


Dymphna said...

God bless you, Terry.

Anonymous said...

Yes, God bless you Terry. I too went through your experience. I too am a convert. My life was saved, literally, through the Miraculous Medal of the Lord Jesus and his Mother Mary. The Lord gave me twenty more years of life because I listened to the advice of a good priest, and did not take the birthcontrol pills a doctor gave me. I had cancer which the pills would have made worse, but I did not know it at that time. Jesus saves in more ways than one. He truly is the Author of Life.