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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

State Department Lies to Latin American Delegation: Says Vatican Supports Resolution on Homosexual Rights

Anyone with eyes and ears knows this administration doesn't mind lying through its teeth to get whatever it wants passed. And that's what the state department did at a U.N. meeting in Geneva with regard to a resolution on homosexual rights. Here's what C-Fam reports:
The US Department of State is telling Latin American delegations to the United Nations that the Vatican has changed its position on a sexual orientation declaration that was just released at the Human Rights Council in Geneva, according to diplomatic sources in New York.

According to these sources, an official in Western Hemisphere Affairs at the US State Department has held a series of meetings with Latin American delegations telling them the Vatican now supports the declaration calling for “sexual orientation and gender identity” to be new categories of non-discrimination in international law. However, a high ranking source at the Holy See says these assertions are false and that the Holy See opposes the declaration being considered in Geneva.  Read more here...
Are we surprised?

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Anonymous said...

The State Department, what a shocker. The Obama Administration lying about statements of the Vatican. I am in utter disbelief /sarcasm off.