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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Am the Lord Your God, You Shall Not Have Strange Gods Before Me: The Scandal of False Ecumenism

As Catholics we are called to evangelize other faiths, not to bring them into the sanctuary to worship their false gods. It seems that all the churches where these atrocities occurred, even in the sanctuary, should be required to be resanctified. How can this be rationalized with 2000 years of Catholic history? As St. Paul says, can a man join his body to a harlot? Can a Roman Catholic pray with a pagan or feminist who worships Isis? How can the Vatican participate in the Parliament of World Religions. Religious indifferentism is a sin against the first commandment. A "pan religious melting pot" is anathema to Catholicism, but it's still going on. No wonder we are in so much trouble. Have mercy on us, Lord our God.


Anonymous said...

Mary Ann, I faced a similar situation in a Catholic church in which I refused to get involved. I was told that the non-Christians prayed in a separate area of Assisi, but I was not told they prayed in Catholic churches there. Are you sure this is correct that they actually prayed in Catholic churches?

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

There is no doubt that Catholic churches were used as places of prayer at Assisi I (1986). From what I've read, churches were not used at Assisi II (2002). Perhaps the reaction to the scandal of pagans praying in Catholic sanctuaries at least had that good effect.

We should certainly not be at war with other religions, but neither should the syncretist idea that all religions are fundamentally the same be promoted by the Church. Jesus said to go out to the whole world and baptize them. Assisi implies that is unnecessary.

Yunah said...

JPII was popular because he was that kind of man; who represents the world - believing in something but going harmoniously with anything in the world. Liberalism and ecumenism are sin. The Truth gets buried when you try to make everyone happy. It's not others who would suppress their beliefs and religions. It's always our Faith that's suppressed so that we can make others happy. But it's God Whom you have to make happy. No one else, but Him. Ecumenism is evil. Our Truth must never be relativized.

Anonymous said...

I am a bit confused. Are you saying that (soon to be Blessed) Pope John Paul the Great was wrong to permit this? or to participate in this? Pope Benedict has scheduled "Assisi 3" for later this year. What are we to think?

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I echo your question, Anonymous. What are we to think? Part of Catholic doctrine has always been evangelization. Does Assisi seem more like evangelization or syncretism?

Anonymous said...

let me rephrase my question. You are saying that John Paul the Great was wrong to permit and participate in Assisi I and II and that Benedict XVI is wrong to schedule Assisi III. In accusing the popes of syncretism you are one step away from Marian Horvath and Solange Hertz and the sede-vacantists. I have seen other things on your blog and your newsletter that have made wonder about your loyalty to the Holy See and your genuine orthodoxy but this crosses the line I know now why Bishop Loverde has expressed concerns about Les Femmes.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I didn't accuse the popes of anything. I asked a question. What do you think most people take away from the Assisi events? Do you endorse the practice of pagan religions meeting in the sanctuary of Catholic churches to pray to their false gods as they did at Assisi I?

And another question since you've accused me of being a sedevacantist which I'm not. Is everything a pope does infallible? Are popes not able to make mistakes or exercises lapses in good judgment?

What do you think of clericalism? Didn't that contribute to the sex abuse scandals? Just because someone is wearing a Roman collar, a bishop's mitre, or a papal crown (I guess they don't do that any more) doesn't mean you are getting the truth or good judgment.

And wasn't there a Catholic church before Assisi I? Were all those other popes who opposed this type of "ecumenism" wrong? Are only the modern popes enlightened?

Seems to me I can remember a few saints who corrected popes including St. Paul.

Anonymous said...

our canon law professor at Catholic University (Washington DC)said that everything about the Assisi meetings is in accord with the 1983 Code and with the Decrees of Vatican II and that you don't know what you are talking about.
he also said that while the pope is not infallible in everything he does the indefectibility of the Church guarantees that he will not lead the Church into error
also i notice that the previous writer did not say you were a sedevacantist but that you were one step away from it if you are a woman of truth you need to be more precise

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Well, I certainly don't claim infallibility and there are plenty of people who disagree with a lot of my opinions.

On the other hand, I wonder how many serious Catholics would feel easy about Hindus burning incense and chanting to Buddha in the sanctuary of a Catholic church. Can you please cite the canons that apply to such a situation?

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I just discovered that I'm in good company with another who opposed the 1986 Assisi meeting. According to the April issue of Catholic World Report, "Then-Cardinal Ratzinger had expressed serious reservations about the 1986 gathering at Assisi, and chose not to take part in the interfaith event."

Gosh, I wonder if Pope Benedict was "one step away from being a sedevacantist."