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Monday, March 7, 2011

Help Save Baby Joseph!

Friends, one of the reasons that Baby Joseph has not been accepted at a U.S. hospital is that the Canadian facility will not release his medical records. This institution is hell bent on killing the baby. Let's put as much pressure as possible on these would-be gods and embarrass them into doing the right thing. Go here to send a message to Canadian officials asking them to intervene to release the records. Fr. Pavone has a medical transport on call to move this baby when the permission is given. If he dies before his time it will be because of the death peddlars in Canada. I'm betting there are many staff at the hospital who disagree with the draconian actions taken against this poor little baby. Let's join the parents in their fight for Baby Joseph's life!

Baby Joseph's Dad Prays for a Miracle


Anonymous said...

Not because Canada would not release his medical records, No other hospital requested to take him. Detroit did then after reviewing medical records declined! If you are going to tell a story don't be so one sided!!

Anonymous said...

oh comments need to be approved ...of course

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...


Of course comments need to be approved. I need to weed out the spam posts and the ones that use profanity and vicious ad hominem attacks.

As for the Detroit Hospital, here's an article about it --

If the decision did come from "upper level management" the comment about medical records was nothing but a smokescreen to justify their refusal to take the baby.

And why are you so hostile toward Baby Joseph? Fr. Pavone and Priests for Life are picking up the medical tab through the generosity of private donors. Are we not allowed to do what we want with our money?