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Saturday, March 5, 2011

On the Pro-Life Docket

BREAKING: Standing jet ready to take Baby Joseph to any willing U.S. Hospital
No hospital has agreed yet to take poor little Baby Joseph. Where are the Catholic hospitals? Is there no room in the inn? Pray to St. Joseph for his little namesake!

Frances Kissling slammed as ‘former pro-choice advocate’ for late-term abortion retreat

It's always interesting to see pro-aborts fighting with each other, but Frances Kissling's statements that late-term abortions are not equivalent to first-trimester abortions may be the early stirrings of her conscience. Kissling has been at the forefront of the abortion movement for years. Pray for her conversion and return to her Catholic faith.

TX House Approves Bill Requiring Sonogram Before Abortions
This bill would be a big step forward for the right of women to be informed. The pro-aborts want ignorant women and, according to the testimony of many post aborted women, they conspire to keep them completely in the dark about what they are doing. Hurrah for Texas and pray the bill passes!
Bill says no abortion if there's a heartbeat
I was shocked to see that Ohio Right to Life is not supporting this bill. Too many pro-life groups worry too much about what the courts will do when it comes to doing the right thing. Whatever the courts do, the truth is still the truth. And if the Supreme Court rules that a baby with a heartbeat is so much trash, it will be one more testimony that the courts are morally bankrupt. The Dread Scott decision didn't hinder the movement to end slavery; it fueled it. Do the right thing, Ohio. Pray the bill passes and is upheld!
Personhood bills introduced, gain traction across U.S.
Pray for every legitimate bill that defends the baby from his/her first beginning, whether that beginnin is in the womb or in a petrie dish. We are entering an age of medical technology where the biggest destruction of life may not be in the abortion facilities but in medical laboratories.
Pray and work for an end to abortion. Ora et labora!

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