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Monday, March 28, 2011

George Soros, the Mother Teresa of the Liberal Left

I just listened to an hour long 2006 interview of George Soros by Google CEO Eric Schmidt. What a bunch of horse manure! You would think Soros was the world's greatest philanthropist investing his money to create an "open society" where justice and freedom rule. Of course while Soros was talking about protecting the innocent, etc. Schmidt didn't ask how much he made off the collapse of the British pound and what that economic disaster did to the savings of little guys in England. No, Soros is the hero of the left (and Google lists heavily to the left) who only thinks about the good of others and never benefits from his investments in wonderful organizations for good like (Please stop laughing!)

Well, some disagree. Last August the American Thinker ran an article about the legendary Soros and the left's love affair with the man. Here's the last paragraph:
Soros is an enterprising man and legendary investor. He figured out sooner and better than anyone else how to buy political power and bend politicians to his will. He is not a goody-two-shoes, as partisans on the left try to portray him. He has benefited hugely from leverage, and the best leverage he enjoys is when he "gives" money in ways that are really investments (payoffs, bribes?) in disguise. Shame on Mayer, Rich, and others who hide this history. They also are all but puppets in the hands of George Soros.
Read the rest to see some of the unsavory ways Soros makes his money. Love of money is the root of all evils and Soros is a classic example of that truth. By the way, he made mucho bucks off the housing collapse. For most little people, their house is their biggest investment and many lost everything. How do you rationalize that disaster by a man who made billions off it with the image of somebody who cares so much about the little guy? You don't. Soros is a fraud and an exploiter. But unfortunately for him there are no lobbyists at the pearly gates and you can't buy your way into heaven.


Patrick Roden said...

Hi Mary Ann, I have a favor to ask.

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Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Patrick, I forgot where I got that, but I tracked it down and did a little more research and I inadvertently infringed on a copyright. I usually only use photos that appear numerous times on the internet to avoid that, but this one I didn't check carefully. The photo is from the Daily News. Here's the pricing information. I'm taking it down. (If I can find it.)