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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Have you read about the Democrat in Wisconsin Who told his Female Colleague, "You are Dead!"

 Probably not. The mainstream media doesn't consider these things newsworthy. Well, here's the story.

Assemblyman Gordon Hintz from Oshkosh was out of control after the vote on the Budget Repair Bill when he turned to his female colleague, Michelle Litjens, and said, "You are dead!" But put the letters back in because he said the word. Probably screamed it in fact judging from other videos on YouTube showing him in action. 

The mainstream media is all over conservatives whose "language kills." But when Democrats step over the line, ho-hum. Earlier in February the guy got caught at a massage parlor raided by the cops in a prostitute sting. So you can tell he has high regard for women. But it's not too surprising in view of the way he treated Litjens. I can't imagine this guy getting a date with any self-respecting intelligent woman. Although he wasn't the only out of control Democrat on the assembly floor. Another one, Chris Danou, reacted to the vote by throwing a cup water and stacks of paper at the Republicans. Danou is a former cop and SWAT team member. Isn't it comforting to think of this hothead carrying a gun? Somebody needs to get these guy straight jackets. Make them orange to go with their union shirts.

Can you imagine the uproar if a tea party rally had behaved this way? But face it folks, this is the behavior that was recommended by the grandaddy of community organizing, Saul Alinsky. The opposition is the enemy; freeze and intimidate them. We are likely to get more of this if these political thugs don't get their way!
Here are a few articles with the story which has been confirmed by the Assemblywoman. Now I want to know how long a guy at a firm would last if he attended a staff meeting, got angry and screamed at a co-worker, a woman, that she was " dead!" Don't you think he might be escorted out of the building between two security guards with somebody running after him with the pink slip? Somehow, I don't think he'd get a second chance to harrass his female co-workers.

Maybe the Wisconsin Democratic Party needs to hire an anger management consultant to counsel their reps.

Woman-hating Rep. Gordon Hintz (D-WI) to Rep. Michelle Litjens: "You're F'ing Dead"

Rep. Gordon Hintz says he's so (expletive) sorry

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