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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Shoveling it by the Truckload at the Bishops' Conference

Did you ever read C.S. Lewis' book That Hideous Strength? If Lewis had been Catholic and lived today, I would guess he modeled it on the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB). Every time I read about another USCCB debacle I want to cry. Where are the bishops? Why are they allowing the organization that claims to speak for them to undermine the faith and promote liberalism?

But, why am I upset, you ask? I'm reading The Wanderer for the week of March 3, specifically an article by John Dejak, Why I Don't Bother Listening to any Statement That Comes from the USCCB. Dejak describes the reaction of the USCCB to Obama's gutting of conscience protection for medical personnel. Heres what he says:
The current policy of the administration would force health-care workers, contrary to deeply held beliefs, to dispense contraception some of which may contain abortifacient drugs that would kill unborn children. I quote the tepid resonse of the bishops made through their spokesperson Deirdre McQuade on February 18:
"The administration's action today is cause for disappointment, but also offers reasons for hope regarding an emerging consensus in Washington on the need for clear consceince protections for health-care providers."
The only "emerging consensus," Dejak points out, is that the administration will force every health care worker and pharmacist in the country to participate the killing children. No choice but the administration's choice. And there is absolutely no cause for hope in its actions despite the rosy statement of the bishops' silly mouthpiece. That the USCCB "spokesperson" would characterize the administration's assault on people of faith in such a twisted way, even calling it "welcome news," shows the epitome of political correctness or moral blindness so deep it is unpenetrable, or perhaps both. Dejak calls it "the worst form of obsequiousness to an immoral and coercive government." Yup! But what can one expect from the liberals in miters? Dejak sums up saying:
If the bishops themselves did authorize this statement, then -- horrible to contemplate -- they have betrayed the faith, their sacred office, and quite possibly their souls.
Perhaps it is time for the bishops of the United States to collectively condemn not only the Obama administration and its flagrant disregard for human life and the deeply held beliefs of others, but also the very unthinking political apparatus that continues to embarrass them -- now going on 40-plus years.
Yes, indeed, it is time for bishops of good will who desire to promote the truth to withdraw from the downright evil bureaucracy that promotes all kinds of atrocities in their name. The organization appears to be beyond redemption and it is patently unjust to take the money from people in the pew to undermine their faith and spew manure by the truckload.


Old Bob said...

I used to work with a lot of guys raised on farms; one of their favorite similes was "useless as gunsights on a manure spreader."

Anonymous said...

More on the USCCB from Dejak in this week's Wanderer (see it on their homepage for free):