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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

If You're a Follower of Christ, Where are your Wounds?

Do you practice "an inoffensive, vanilla Christianity?" See here....  Resolve this Lent to get serious about your role in the Church Militant. We are called to witness to and defend the faith. But many are afraid to witness for fear somebody won't like them and they won't defend the faith because they might be seen as "judgmental" and "intolerant." God help us but, as Fulton Sheen said, we need more intolerance -- intolerance of sin. Living the true Catholic life will cause wounds. People will hate you. Even family members will despise you. Remember what Jesus said about coming to divide. The truth separates and if you speak it, those who don't want to hear it will retaliate against you.

So you can choose. You can love the world and live safe by keeping the truth to yourself and tickling the ears of those who want you tell them they are A-Okay no matter what they are doing. Or you can join the battle and face the slings and arrows of a hostile world. But, think about it, if you have no wounds how can you claim to be a follower of Christ?

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Yunah said...

This post really is inspiring, Mary Ann. "Where are your wounds?" will make me feel not so bad about my wounds. In fact, I might pray for more wounds. After all, we like to live the purgatory here on earth so that we can go straight to Heaven, anyway. Let's welcome our cross!