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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Walter Williams, Making Sense As Usual

I'm a fan of Professor Walter Williams even before two of my kids had him in class and said he was "the best teacher I ever had." He always makes sense. When I see the Bishops' Conference releases a document on the economy, I figure I'm getting the latest justification for big government. Williams, on the other hand, seems to have a pretty good handle on the idea that forcing Peter to pay Paul money Peter doesn't owe Paul is theft, plain and simple. That's not to say Peter doesn't have a moral obligation to do works of charity and redistribute his own income, but charity and coercion are incompatible. Let's fact it, the IRS, with the backing of coercive government, will put you in jail and fine you out the wazoo if you don't pay your exorbitant taxes. But I'll let Williams speak for himself; he does it so well:
I think it immoral for Congress to forcibly take one American's earnings and give them to another American to whom they do not belong. If a person did the same thing privately, he'd be convicted of theft and jailed. We might ask ourselves whether acts that are clearly immoral and despicable when done privately are any less so when done by Congress.

Close to two-thirds of the federal budget, so-called entitlements, represent what thieves do: redistribute income.
Some people might say, "Williams, the programs that you'd cut are vital to the welfare of our nation!" When someone says that, I always ask what did we do before?

For example, our nation went from 1787 to 1979 and during that interval produced some of the world's most highly educated people without a Department of Education. Since the department's creation, American primary and secondary education has become a joke among industrialized nations.  Read more....
I'm with Williams. The government is like a Mafia don who takes your wealth at the point of a gun and dispenses it, in many cases, to buy votes. Where's Elliott Ness when we need him?


Ray Schneider said...

"Spot on, Mary" as the Brits say.
Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams are both sound economists. Not only is income redistribution immoral, so is much of the micro-management through regulation that the government is addicted to. We could save billions and billions just by getting the government out of the regulatory overload business.

I don't need the government to do much more than provide a legal backdrop for guaranteeing truth in advertising and truth in standards and that's just making it easy to sue for damages. You don't need an army of government regulators. People can look after their own interests through organizations.

Jon Merrill said...

American Catholics have an obligation to acknowledge to their fellow citizens that the Catholic Church in America uses the same unethical and immoral means to fund its so-called "charitable" activities. Any true Catholic charity would have to reject any government funding.

The new, absolutely NON-governmental Catholc charity which I am promoting says the following: "It is unethical and immoral to use for purposes outside the proper scope of State action – e.g., charitable endeavors – money which has been coercively extracted from others through taxation. A 'charity' which uses financial resources derived through taxation is collaborating with the partner government in theft. Organized charity is no more exempt from the obligation to be voluntary – by mere virtue of being organized – than is individual charity. The charitable individual, regardless of his good intentions, has no right to steal from 'the rich' in order to fund his worthy endeavors in behalf of 'the poor.'"

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Thanks for posting, Jon. I think your proposal for a new international charity that is truly Catholic and uncompromised is excellent. Do you have a website yet?