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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

You Do the Crime, You Do the Time -- or at least get censured!

I received the email below from the Wisconsin medical licensing bureau over the doctors who issued fake sick notes at the Capitol. Obviously, it's a form letter which is a good thing since it no doubt means they received LOTS of complaints, as well they should. It's time to make sure that the docs who colluded with union members to defraud the state (great example for the kids, eh?) pay the price for their nauseating behavior. When they steal from the state they steal from the taxpayers who pay for all state services. If you haven't written to complain about the dishonest docs, please do it now.  The contact information is at the top of the letter.

If you don't know what this is all about, go here and here.
State of Wisconsin
Department of Regulation & Licensing
1400 East Washington Ave.
P.O. Box 8935
Madison, WI 53708-8935

Dear Sir/Madam,
Thank you for contacting the Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing regarding reports of physicians issuing sick notes to individuals protesting at the Wisconsin State Capitol.
Any charge against a physician is taken seriously and this is no exception. Rest assured, this agency is processing these complaints and will be working with the independent Medical Examining Board to review them in a timely manner.

Thank you again for contacting us on this important issue.


Dave Ross, Secretary
Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing

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