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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Gay" Activists are Soooooooo Tolerant!

Gay group demands Apple remove ex-gay app
"Victoria Pynchon of Forbes magazine defended the Exodus app, and questioned the targeting of iPhone apps by special interest groups.

“'At the risk of putting myself at the center of a firestorm of disapproval, I have to say that what I viewed and read on the Exodus app was not hate speech but simply the expression of religious beliefs with which I, and many other people, disagree,'” wrote Pynchon.
"Gay" groups were previously successful in getting the Manhattan Declaration App removed. This is censorship pure and simple, but all the "gays" have to do to accomplish is it to "jam" their opponents. You dare to speak the biblical truth about the immorality of sodomy and fellatio and prepare for the "gay" lynch mob. Really...they are a bunch of heterophobes who are especially Christian-phobic. If it were legal I think they would gladly cover us in pitch and use us to light up their bathhouses and garden parties all the while screaming about how much we hate them as they apply the torch.

Which is one more proof that sin is never content with tolerance. Everybody must celebrate the sinful act as good, true, and beautiful. Sorry, I have a hard time seeing fisting and anal sex as virtues.


Vickie Pynchon said...

If all sexual sins are equal, why isn't the Catholic Church making a big fuss about the fellatio sin you mention between heterosexuals or, of course, the far far worse sin of pederasty by Catholic priests (taking care of its own sins before spending its time condemning the sins of others). Also, let's remember that anal sex is not limited to homosexuals and yet we don't see much campaigning by the religious to invade the bedrooms of heterosexuals to condemn their sinful sexual behavior.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Interesting that you mention pederasty considering 80% of the sexual assaults were by homosexual priests against adolescent boys. I've said plenty about that and so have most of the other serious Catholics I know. We have also challenged the immorality of the bishops who enabled it and welcomed homosexuals into the priesthood where they had easy access to children (or chickens according to the homosexual slang term).

As for heterosexual sins, they're evil too. But there's a crucial difference. Are any heterosexuals who practice these sins trying to get you to approve them and grant them special rights because of them? None I know of.

What "gays" do in private isn't what concerns me. They aren't content with their private sins. They are the ones trying to force me (and everyone else) to approve of their deviant behavior, demand to teach it to my grandchildren in school as normal, tell me I must accept anal sex as equal to marital intercourse and even change the law to allow it, and label me hateful, homophobic, etc. ad nauseum if I dare to resist and defend biblical morality.

Your comment is a red herring. It also doesn't show much concern for those who are in danger of physical death from their diseased behavior as well as spiritual death for shaking their fists at God.

Anna Downey said...

I don't think that the homosexual community is trying to get you to approve of their sexual habits (and seriously... fellatio and anal sex are part of many a healthy and happy heterosexual catholic marriage!). They are trying to earn the right to be married, have benefits equal to married couples, and be able to have families without discrimination. What they do in the bedroom is already legal and require no special rights. It's just people like you who seem to want to think about it all the time.

I am a happily married heterosexual and feel no threat whatsoever by homosexuals being allowed to marry. Why would it bother me to have my children learn that some people are straight and a smaller percent are gay? It's been the truth for as long as humanity has existed. I'd be far more upset by someone like you telling them that they are 'deviant' as you have no right to make that judgement. Trying to interpret the bible as literal truth is ridiculous.

Live and let live... eventually we all die and if you are so convinced that you are right, you should be content with the hereafter for judgement and spare the vitriol.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Have you ever seen The Little Black Book?

Anyone who has researched the gay lifestyle and can be cavalier about what they are teaching kids, is irresponsible as far as I'm concerned and cares very little about young people.

If someone in a raincoat flashed your kids in the park and showed them the materials being given out by "gays" at school sponsored events, you would have them arrested. And yet you have apparently bought into the propaganda that their "love" is no different than marital relationships.

The Church calls their same-sex attraction "disordered." The behavior is promiscuous and deviant. You may not like the word but read about what they do to each other. There's no other word for it.

I am not content with leaving all this to the hereafter because sould are in danger in the here and now. When someone is heading toward a cliff, it's an act of charity to warn him.

Anonymous said...

You're a bully. And you cry wolf every time you perceive a homosexual thinks ill of Christians. You're not a victim and neither is the Christian community.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I'm a bully? Maybe you need to check out the Christians in Canada who have gone to jail for "hate speech" for daring to criticize the homosexual lifestyle by quoting the Bible! I've never gotten a homosexual sent to jail for supporting sodomy, but Christians are being dragged befor the Canadian human rights group. But they deserved it right?

And isn't name-calling a characteristic of a bully?

Alice said...

As far as I'm concerned, the important question is--how does God view homosexual activity? To me, it is obvious that He views the homosexual person as he does all of His creation, as His "beloved". Scripture is clear about God's definition of marriage though--one man, one woman who unite in love to cooperate with God in creating new life. God is, was and ever will be. His definition of marriage is unchanging and is the only one that leads to earthly happiness and everlasting life. It is not loving to encourage or support someone in following another path.

Anonymous said...

Marriage being a religious institution is not the same as the government definition of marriage. Gays are asking for a secular marriage. The government can't issue a blessing from God and shouldn't ever try. Gay marriage will be legal in all 50 states before long. If your church wants to keep gays from marriage, well, that's a different thing.

Alice said...

The government should be about protecting what is good for our country. Protecting the traditional definition of marriage is the best for everyone--including children. When the government is more concerned with social engineering than protecting the common good, it is dangerous for everyone.

Alice said...

I forgot to add--for now, we are still "one nation under God". Our forefathers said at the beginning that our form of government would never work for an immoral people--meaning people that cut God and a moral code in relation to Him--out of their lives and government. The government has no right to change the definition of marriage. Marriage is, was and always will mean one thing. The piece of paper a gay couple will be able to get soon will not change that and they know it. And if they want approval, they will never get it from people living their lives according to God's laws.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Well said, Alice, thanks!