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Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Feds Bully the States to Stop Bullying

Big brother is also a big bully!

KNIGHT: The bullies’ many pulpits: Beware of the schoolyard - jihad, not so much

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Ray Schneider said...

The columnist on this one was sure right "you can't make this stuff up." Instead of being politically correct all the time to impress the liberal elites, maybe we should start worrying about the death of the culture and the destruction of America as we have known it?

The Federal government is too big, too pervasive, too unconstitutional, and way too irresponsible. As they proceed to crush the economy, destroy personal freedoms, and impose increasing regulatory tyranny on every micro-operation of our lives from the oil we cook french fries in to the kind of light bulbs we use perhaps we should rein them in before it is all too late.