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Saturday, March 19, 2011

In Wisconsin: The Alinsky Method in Action

My friend Nancy from Wisconsin sent me the linked article below about Alinsky organizing and her analysis of what's happening in her state. It's Alinsky in spades freezing and demonizing "the enemy" and using confrontation and bullying as tactics to succeed. With the mainstream media in their pocket, the Democrats are playing from a stacked deck. Walker has become the target and the teachers' unions are relentlessly attacking him and anyone who disagrees with them. The reality is that the Democrats have lied throughout the proceedings, negotiated in bad faith, and had no intention of ever going along with anything proposed by the Governor. It's their way or they're on the highway. Their continued public tantrum is Saul Alinsky all the way.

This is how a Republic crumbles -- through organizing a mob that flouts the law, bullies, and browbeats. In the end, however, the mob gets caught up in the disaster they help create. So let's pray the anarchists in Wisconsin fail. (Did you know the Communist party is in the Wisconsin mobs?) Note that the document linked at the end was created by the NEA whose motive isn't helping the children. It's money and power, pure and simple according to their own corrupt leaders!

FROM MY FRIEND--------------------------------------------
[The document linked below] gives a first hand view of how training of a community organizer works. Our great president, of course, was one of the teachers in Alinsky style leadership. (Side note. Read or heard this week that 400 billion of stimulus $$ went to community organizing.)

We in Wisconsin see how well this organizing succeeded for our teachers unions as they protested against that naughty Walker. Members of Communist Party USA were among the protestors at the Capital. Now, what could be the connection there? There were also teachers with young children chanting, “This is how democracy works.”

I summarized a few points from the training that relate to what has been happening in WI in the last month. Link is at the end of my summary:

1. Appeal to their self interests, (collective bargaining, pension plans, insurance premiums) teach them to want and get power, try to find people who’ve been involved in “action” before like in civil rights demonstrations. (Gotta have people ready to demonstrate at the Capital for their “rights.”)

2. In the building of the power base, a leader is initially more important than the number of people that you have behind him; Fidel Castro among those who suggest the wisdom of this advice.

3. You must be lucky enough to get your people insulted so you can accomplish your training in agitation. (Surely was an insult to deny teachers their “rights.” Walker must be seen as against education and teachers.) Get into action to stoke the brush fires.

4. You DO NOT want to solve the problems, (negotiate) you need to keep provoking, and exploit the issue.
Generally the Alinsky advice on tactics is guerilla war advice.
Divide the enemy. (republicans?) Personalize the conflict. Walker is the man.
Once you have an issue, make it an us-them affair. Gotta fight a person (like Walker) not the system (taxpayers.)

5. Dishonesty is the best policy. The media is lying about the governor and the republicans not reaching out to the Democrats in IL. Democrats are the ones who keep reneging on negotiating. See here. Also sounds like Walker against ALL workers, where union workers are only, (I think, I hear so many statistics) 20 % of the work force in WI. Actually the union workers are against the other workers of the state who get 20-30% less pay in the private sector for the same work as well as get about 22-25% benefits while some of the teachers get better pay plus 72% in benefits. Is that unfairness ever mentioned? No; that is not mentioned by the Unions; no, Walker is against workers.
6. Confrontation is the way to apply pressure until you get real power.
Since I see so many poor and struggling people, those who would be happy just to have a job, I am not crying for our poor teachers and public employees.
Alinsky for Teacher Organizers by Michael Arisman, Midwest Training Consultant, National Education Association


Old Bob said...

Great post, and thanks for the insert! I never heard of Saul Alinsky until 2008 (I think) but his tactics are straight from Lenin in Petersburg in 1917.

Anonymous said...

Let me suggest "lowbrow deadbeats" to replace "browbeats". I think "browbeat" might be a term from the 50's for a jazz number with lyrics from Schopenhauer.