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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Another Thought for the Day

Perhaps this should be titled "God's joke for the day."

The average age of the nuns who are members of the dissent-ridden LCWR (Leadership Conference of Women Religious) is...drum roll...74. Something tells me dissent doesn't have much of a future! As further evidence, the religious orders headed by the dissenter-superiors have few, if any, new vocations. After all, vocation is all about responding to God's call. Why would God call anyone through these false shepherdesses? Praise God for all the faithful sisters serving throughout the country and the world!

And now the contrast in pictures:


And this:

And  this:

Compared to this:

And this:

And this:



Anonymous said...

There is no fool like an old fool.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps my comment seemed uncharitable, but when I see so many older women (not the nuns) sleeping around with their boyfriends, then wondering why their adult children and grandchildren are misbehaving so badly, I want to laugh if were not so serious. As the saying goes, "The fruit does not fall far from the tree".

Anonymous said...

Some of those women say they cannot marry the men they are sleeping with because they will lose their Social Security, etc., but they turn right around and vote for the same anti-family, anti-marriage legislators that make such laws. Go figure!

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Your comment is totally on target. I know someone whose husband died very suddenly when she was in her fifties. A few years lady the widower across the street moved in with her and they lived together to the point where she wouldn't lose any of her husband's benefits. Then they got married. What an example to both their children was all I could think! Who won out, God or money?

John said...

My father knew a blind priest who had a trained dog, and when the dog was asked, "how do you feel about nuns who wear high heels?", the dog would growl. My father thought it was funny.

Linton Hall Cadet said...

Thank you for posting about the $600,000 "garden of peace" for which the Benedictine nuns in Bristow, VA are soliciting donations. Have they no shame? I have about $10 worth of plants on the balcony of the apartment I rent because I cannot afford a house, never mind a $600 K house, and much less a lot of acreage on which I can spend $600K on landscaping.

A century ago the nuns received a donation of 1,700 acres to build a school for poor boys and girls. The area was rural then but eventually it became an outer suburb of Washington DC. They sold off most of the land (about 93% of it, keeping only 120 acres) to developers for a tidy sum I'm sure, since the area is now full of detached and town houses. And they're still asking for donations for their garden?

I am quite familiar with these nuns and what they did to us when I attended Linton Hall Military School in Bristow, Virginia during the 1960s. I have a blog about that awful place:
another Linton Hall Military School blog