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Monday, May 28, 2012

Tell Me Again Why I Should Vote for Romney?

Romney Pharmaceutical Chief’s Fundraiser Doesn’t Seem to Faze Pro-Lifers

Well, it sure fazes this pro-lifer. So why exactly should we vote for Romney? I consider support for murdering babies (Plan B does) a disqualifying issue. Now, what "proportionate" reason can make it okay for me to vote for Romney? 

His support for traditional marriage -- duh -- he's big homosexualist! 

Well then, maybe his opposition to Obamacare? Oh yeah, Obamacare was based on Romney care. 

So please tell me why pro-lifers should vote for this guy and don't give me the "anybody but" speech. That one is getting old and tired. 

I'm waiting for someone to give me a compelling reason to choose one pro-abortion, pro-homosexual candidate over another. And the economy won't hack it as an argument. A country that kills its children, often for economic reasons, deserves to be punished economically. 

As for Mitt Romney's record -- check out more here. Does he have an iota of integrity? 


Phil said...

I have always said Governor Romney is a fraud. The first congressman to endorse anybody was Senator John McCain. I'm sorry, but I do not think highly of Mr. Compromise, and that is all I needed to know to assert that to myself how unmistakably right I was.

Romney is not pro-life, but claims he is, and that gets pro-lifers excited, because we have a complex in us that says, if somebody uses the word 'pro-life' then, he is pro-life, no questions asked.

We will get what we deserve in the end. We have rejected truth for fear instead. We fear Obama so much that we will put into office somebody who will in effect turn out to be another Obama.

How many liberals will assert that Obama has reneged on promises he made about Guantanamo, torture, wars and patriot act atrocities. It turns out that except for economics, Obama has continued all of Bush's policies. How does Romney come out different than Obama on Foreign policy? Not different. It's a slight of hand that we will fall for again. With Romney's intelligence, he will trick us into thinking he is making conservative economic decisions, but it will be cronyism to the core.

Ray Schneider said...

How can you tell you're being played?

I think it's time to start over: Game Over ... Reset!

The Washington crowd, both sides of the aisle, are for sale to the highest bidders and that's apparently not the American people.

So now here we have two really lousy choices. I'm going to vote for Romney if it comes to that but only because I sincerely believe that Obama intends to tank the country quickly while Romney is going to do it more slowly so maybe we'll have a change to do something.

Or maybe not! This is what happens when you look the other way for 100 years as the liberal progressives ignore the Constitution and build up a soft socialist nanny state. Now the takers outnumber the contributors.