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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

October Baby: Don't Miss It!

I just saw October Baby and it's a movie that can change hearts and lives. In fact, it already has. One of the actresses in the film shares her story at the end of the film. Wow! It's powerful. Babies will be saved by this film and I bet it moves some abortion mill workers to reconsider what they're doing. So if you haven't seen October Baby yet, grab a friend and head for the theater. And encourage your teenage kids and their friends to see it. Hey, you could even take a few as guests. Who would turn down a free movie night?


Anita said...

I saw it several weeks ago and I'm very proud that this important movie was filmed right here in Alabama. I'm glad more and more people are seeing it. Powerful and moving message.

Anonymous said...

I saw it a few weeks ago, and I agree with you. There is another excellent movie coming out in June called "For Greater Glory" about the persecution of the Cristeros in Mexico. Also, in June there is a another Christian movie coming, probably produced by Evangelicals, called "Hardflip". It is mainly for young people, but it has some amazing skateboarding in it, and supposedly an excellent story line. You should be able to find clips of these movies on line. We need to support the good movies, or we will continue to get the trashy ones.