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Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Letter to Mom on Mother's Day

Dear Mom,

Thinking about you this morning, tears came to my eyes:

Tears of sorrow for all the times I failed:
to appreciate what a gift from God you were to me,
to remember all your acts of sacrifice for Daddy and your ten children,
to be the daughter I should have been,
And, above all, to appreciate you and say thank you more.
Please forgive me, Mom. 
Tears of gratitude for all the gifts you gave me:
a cheerful disposition,
brothers and sisters to share experiences with,

an example of fidelity without complaint despite over thirty moves.
And, above all, the gift of faith.
How I cherish the memory of early morning Mass in your company.
Thank you, Mom. 
Tears of joy for being your daughter and learning from your example:
that I'm a beloved daughter of the King,
that love is an action displayed by service, not a feeling served by empty words,
that love endures all things and perseveres to the end.

I'll never know this side of eternity how much I received from you, but I look forward to saying thank you when we meet again.

And so today, on this Mother's Day, I'm praying for you and asking you to pray for me.

I love you. Hug Daddy for me.


elf said...

Mary Ann, a beautiful tribute to your mother. I remember her as a kind person.

Anonymous said...

Your mom certainly was a pretty lady with a beautiful smile.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

When I was little and she and Daddy were dressed up I thought she looked like a princess. And she was very generous with that smile - gave it freely.